It’s (Still) All About the TV

I swear, sometimes it feels like my husband and I think things to death.  And then, other times, it feels like we give things no thought at all.

Our new tv, the one we finally got hooked up after much ado, is still dominating every discussion as well as every free second of Internet time that I have.

This is what my living room used to look like before the tv.  Except for the 1980’s railings, which I’m not sure what I can do about without putting holes in the carpet,  I was very happy with my living room, especially, considering we lived in the house for three years with only a piano and drums in there.  I liked the furniture, and even learned to love the paint color.  It was not our most used room, but a room I retreated to daily so that I could blog in a peaceful, clean space.  A clean space being hard to come by in these parts.

This is what the room looks like right now, a mess. (Why aren’t I cleaning it?  Hello, this blog doesn’t write itself!) A giant tv on a side table (which you can’t see in this picture), a piano misplaced against the window, furniture very askew from people sitting in it, trick tracks spilling out of their container, a Gap box and a lone Ugg, who knows where the other one is.  And let’s not forget about the other random items on the floor that no room in my house is complete without, as if, when my kids are done playing with something they just throw whatever it is on the ground and move on.  What the hell is that?

Tomorrow, we finally have movers coming to move the piano out of the living room, (and hopefully, the elliptical, upstairs), so that we can go about reconfiguring the room, or at least imagining where the furniture that we have yet to buy, will go.  Because yes, the new tv needs new couches and a new entertainment center.

However, picking out couches is not an easy task, especially with three young ones in tow. Last weekend, which I believe was our third attempt at furniture shopping, the kids decided they would entertain themselves by playing hide and seek in the very large, warehouse like, high end, furniture store. I didn’t know who was going to lose it first, me or the hubs.  Luckily we had two cars with us, so I took our little cherubs home while my husband squared away with the lady. Entertainment unit, done (though I’m not sure I’m completely happy with it, surprise, surprise).

Components to fill the cabinet are taking up every minute of my husbands free time as he is researching and tracking down dealers across the US (I kid you not) looking for the best deal.  Hello, why couldn’t he use a little of that finesse with the bike dealer? Anyhow, were still discussing the whole speaker thing.  He questions whether his expensive speakers will be safe on the floor.  They won’t.  I really don’t want them hung. What about in-wall?  We can’t even get the darned electrician to call us back.  We are supposed to be in a recession, right?  Tell that to every service person I call, yea, I’m talking to you, too, Mr. Landscaper.

My obsession, couches.  In an effort to prevent my husband from turning our living room into a man cave, I am on a mission to find a couch that is comfortable for both of us, but still has a certain amount of structure to it, so that it has, at least, a little formality.  Not an easy task.

The first couch my husband liked looked like it belonged in a basement, or a den at best. The second couch we liked, was on clearance, it was a floor sample, marked down from $8,000.  Whoa, Nelly!  $8,000 dollars for a couch that one of my children is sure to vomit on the first time the stomach flu makes its round this year, I don’t think so. But, it was marked down, and microfiber, and we could all fit on it, and it would fit in our odd shaped living room.  So, we went home to think about it.  I called the furniture store to find out the manufacturer, so I could do a little research.  She wouldn’t give it to me.  She said it’s against store policy.  Am I the only one who finds that strange?  Or, feels that perhaps this store is marking up their furniture a wee bit high?  After I pressed her (it was a very awkward conversation), she told me she would ask her boss for permission to tell me.  Long story short, she did and I found the same couch on the Internet for the price they are calling clearance. Which was the exact reason she gave me why they don’t like to give out the manufacturer.  Now, I see why they don’t want their customers comparison shopping.  Either way, I think we marked that one off the list, because even though it was comfy, as soon as we got up, it looked very sloppy.  And let’s face it, I need all the help I can get, rearranging a couch every time I get up is just too much added work (and not gonna happen).

So, yesterday, I found a couch that I liked, and was pretty sure my husband would like, too, but when I came home and researched the manufacturer, all I got was bad news. Comment after comment about buyer beware.  Now, it has occurred to me that it’s usually only disgruntled people who take to the Internet to air their dissatisfaction, but still, after reading all the comments, I would have felt like a damned fool to order those sophisticated, yet comfortable leather couches.

Why is buying furniture so difficult?  Why must there be so many brands and then factions within in the brands, is it a Natuzzi from China or the ones made in Italy?  And why do all the good looking couches suck to sit on, and the comfy ones look like they belong in a basement?

Furniture should be categorized into three categories, crappy, middle of the road, and you get what you pay for.  At least, then, I would know if I paid a lot of money for something, I’d be getting furniture that wouldn’t break the first time one of my kids takes a flying leap on it, or takes all the cushions off and decides to use the frame as a trampoline.

The Internet should go away, too (at least as far as comparison shopping is concerned) or better yet, either everyone should be forced to review their product, good or bad, or no one should be allowed.  Disgruntled people can’t be the only ones giving their opinions, because let’s face it, some people are never satisfied.  The Internet has just given them a new medium.

As for the couches that are currently in the living room, well, they look pretty.  But let’s just say they aren’t the most comfortable, or well made.  I distinctly remember my husband sitting on the ottoman, the first day we got it, and a piece of the frame snapping right through the bottom of the fabric.  But hey, I bought the set because it looked good, fit the room nicely, and  I knew hardly anyone would be sitting on it.  It seems kind of ridiculous when I put it that way.

So, I am off, to clean this: Since this table, whose legs never wanted to stay on, is headed for the trash (my husband was making a case to keep it in the garage, who’s the hoarder, now?).  So, I can pay, what I consider, to be a criminal amount of money, for movers to come move the piano, thus rendering the unused dining room into a piano room, which will now mean totally different light fixtures.  Will it never end?

Which brings me back to my original point, about making decisions. For as long as it took us to decide where to put a new tv, which also determined what size tv we were going to buy, we never thought of what moving it into our living room would fully entail.  It would have been a whole hell of a lot cheaper and easier had we just replaced the tv in the den, kept my formal living room a formal living room, and moved the drums into the dining room.

You know what sucks about hindsight?  It’s useless.

2 thoughts on “It’s (Still) All About the TV

  1. If you had those rails removed you could also remove the carpet from the edge, about 5-6 inches, and have some white finish molding put there. It would almost look like the top/tread of a stair. Just what I would do if I wanted to update the look on a budget. Ask your dad, he would know what I’m talking about. Of course, you would no longer have the rail to keep people from seeing the drop and falling off….hmmm. You could then, install a more updated rail on top of the trim work. My stairs are done that way, not into the carpet. I can send you a picture if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Trust me, we’ve talked about it, or at least I have talked about it. I threaten to take a sledgehammer to those railings every other day. But, the rug folds over the edge, which might mean some fancy cutting of trim and some major patching in on the walls. I think it’s coming, though, I just have to gear up for all the work it’s going to give me. Email your pictures, I would love to see them.

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