Kingsmill Resort and Colonial Williamsburg

We crossed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and back into our home state at four p.m., Sunday, just four short days after we had crossed over in the other direction, headed towards Virginia.Our vacation went way too fast.

Kingsmill Resort in Virginia turned out to be the perfect spot for my mom’s birthday vacation.  Thank you Trip Advisor.  Although the ride was hell, once we got onto the property, the memory of six and half hours of minivan time, quickly faded away.

Situated on a large gated property with three golf courses, Kingsmill is a mixture of condos, homes, restaurants, tennis courts, a spa and soon to be cottages on the James River.  We stayed on the golf course in a building that was a mixture of rooms and one and two bedroom suites, depending on how the adjoining rooms were used. My family stayed in a one bedroom suite, which was like a decent sized one bedroom apartment, complete with kitchen, living room, and balcony.  I should have taken pictures of the inside, but once we moved in, it was rarely picture worthy, again.The setup was perfect, allowing us to walk back and forth between our rooms, maximizing family fun time and making it easy for us to either meet up or get some alone time.  It was especially great for the kids, who loved having the freedom to roam back and forth between rooms.There was even a shuttle bus to take us to any destination on property, Busch Gardens, or Colonial Williamsburg. The best part of the trip was just being together.It’s the first time that the whole family has gone on vacation together.And hopefully, not the last.

Of course, we also had fun visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, and Water Country, even in the middle of a heat wave.

We decided to make Colonial Williamsburg our first stop.  I know my kids, and I knew if we did Busch Gardens first, then everything else would be boring, boring, boring. And, I was right.  They enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg but when we had half a free day to go back to visit one of the attractions, it was Busch Gardens they wanted to see.

If you’ve never been to Colonial Williamsburg, it’s basically a colonial village showing you how the early settlers lived in the capital of Virginia in 18th century.  You walk around the town, which is large, stopping into various shops like the cabinet maker or printing press, to see how things were done in the 1700’s.  Character actors, dressed in authentic costume, take on the roles and dialect of 18th century townspeople, adding to the experience.  Thankfully, most of the inside exhibits are air conditioned.  Not very authentic, but when it’s hundred degrees outside, who cares?

Of course, I didn’t feel much of that air conditioning since Second Son and I spent more time on benches eating snacks, than in any of the attractions.  However, both the boys enjoyed any exhibit that had to do with guns and bombs. Second Son especially loved holding this.Do you see that smile? Should I be scared?  And they all loved the encampment, which gave them a chance to participate in basic training, colonial style.

The kids were troopers, especially this Lovely Lady, who was kind enough to share her stroller with my Little Lady, since I forgot ours.  You know I forget at least one thing on every trip, shoes, weighing the bags, now you can add the stroller to that list.Her generosity saved her uncle from having to do this the whole time.I really enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg.  The governor’s mansion was very interesting.  I only wish we had more time to spend there, but after sweating out eight gallons of water, we needed to return to the hotel for lunch and respite.

We had purchased bounce passes (which are sort of like hopper passes at Disney) and so later that afternoon we visited Water Country.  The kids (and some of the adults) really enjoyed Water Country and it was definitely worth a visit, but a half day there was enough and the perfect way to beat the hundred degree heat.

The next day we hit Busch Gardens which is a fabulous and clean amusement park.The advantage of the sweltering heat, no lines.  However, by 3 pm, the weather turned and we got caught in thunderstorms that left us scrambling for our cars. When lightening strikes, they shut down everything, including the trams to the parking lot. We had hoped to go back later that night, but the storms continued and so, we enjoyed dinner on property and just hung out in our suite, which with its setup, was the perfect gathering place.

The next morning, we had a few hours before late afternoon spa appointments.  The adults split between golfing and Busch Gardens.  I didn’t take my camera, but here’s a phone pic of Little Lady pouting because I wouldn’t take her on the log flume.  By one, we were back on property for lunch and the ladies readied for the spa.  It did not disappoint.

Our last night, we went to dinner at restaurant that had received positive reviews on Trip Advisor, but was a little disappointing.  The food was just average.  But again, it was the company, not the food that mattered.My brother decided to forgo sunscreen on the golf course.  Can you tell?My girl was in her glory.  She spent more time with my sister’s family and the girls than with us.That night, some of us went into downtown Colonial Williamsburg to peruse the shops. Unfortunately, most of them were not open, but it was still a lively scene.The next day, it was time to head home. We let the kids swim for a little bit in the morning to get some of the energy out before getting back into the car again.It was a great trip for everyone.  My sister and I were pleased that all our planning paid off.  My mom and dad were happy to have us all together.  It was great to see my brother and his wife, who, one year ago, were just starting their married life together. Happy Anniversary guys!  I just wish we had more time.Talk to you soon.

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