Lazy Days, Long Conversations

It’s been an interesting four days.  With school out and absolutely nowhere to be, we have had nothing to do.

I can’t lie, on Monday, the thought of a whole week of nothing was daunting, especially after the kids had gotten into their one millionth fight over something stupid, i.e., “Stop chewing in my ear!” which inevitably lead to an impromptu wrestling match.

However, by Tuesday, we had all slipped into a mellow groove, taking our lunch, frisbee, and tennis rackets to the park, to idle away the day doing nothing.Wednesday, after yet another leisurely morning, we ran some quick, painless errands, one which involved a new Wii game, returned home for lunch and didn’t even hit the pool until almost four.  At seven, I was still making dinner.  In school time, we eat by five.

Today, hard to believe, it’s Thursday and I’m actually having a few pangs of regret about enrolling the kids in a morning summer camp.  I’m finding I kind of like having nothing to do and nowhere to be. Half of all my school year stress comes from having to be at certain places at certain times with all three kids in tow.  “Get your shoes on!”  “Get in the car!”  “Did you brush your teeth?”  “Where’s your library books?”  You know what I mean.

All this time together has made for some interesting conversations.  Conversations I’m usually too annoyed, or in a rush, to entertain, because no conversation with my children is simple or short, or sweet.  My kids can talk a blue streak, and sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to go round and round with them.  First Son could give you an hour long detailed account of the battle he has set up, or the video game he’s going to create, or the movies he’s writing, and Second Son will ask you question after question, but really, he never wants an answer.  He talks purely to hear himself speak.

Conversation is also a source of competition for them.  I swear they actually wait until the other one starts talking to initiate their own conversations.  They did this to the poor lady in Lord and Taylor, yesterday, who I’m sure regretted striking up a conversation with my little ones.  Let’s just say her opening words were the last ones she spoke.

Some of our other notable conversations, a twenty minute discussion of the sign at the gas station that read attendant deposits cash in safe.  What does that mean?  What safe? Why don’t they just break open the safe?  Why don’t they just blow it up?  So, it’s like saying, go ahead and try to rob us? At which the end, Second Son said, “Maybe we should rob the gas station.”

“I hope you’re kidding,” I said.

He nodded, sheepishly.  He has a wicked sense of humor, but I don’t think he was kidding on this one.

First Son has popped out a few doozies himself, like, “If a black and a white marry, what color will their kid be?”  This, as we were walking through a department store, with no one else in sight, save the African American man at the counter we were approaching. Did I mention he’s kind of loud?

I told him they would probably be close to his color, which he calls brown.  He tried to clarify the answer, as he does all answers by repeating and then expanding on what I said (I can’t imagine him in a classroom), but I put the kabosh on it, not wanting his questions and adjectives “darks and lights,” an innocent child’s words, to be misconstrued.  It’s interesting to see how children view the world and what they wonder about, because really, I thought he was thinking about a computer game (and just for the record, lest you think he’s using our adjectives, we’re not bigots and we don’t use derogatory terms).

I never did get around to asking him what made him think of that question.

And then, there was today, in what can only be called classic First Son, he flipped the tables on the dental hygeinist.  You know how they’re the ones usually talking your ear off as you nod helplessly, completely at their mercy, forced to endure stories of Aunt Sally and their neighbor, John’s, cousin Tad.  Not this time.  No, First Son wouldn’t shut up. The lady could barely scrape the plaque off his teeth because he was going on and on about everything from his uncle screaming like a girl on a giant water slide, to how he brushed his teeth twice today in preparation for his cleaning.  If I had known he was going to be that much entertainment I think I would have skipped the pediatric dentist and sat him in my lady’s chair.  Revenge is sweet.

Well, that’s it for now.  I have to go clean so I can get my house cleaned (which is one of the reasons I haven’t gotten my house cleaned before).  I bought a 2 hour house cleaning on Groupon. Well, actually, I bought two, but the first people went out of business or something, before I redeemed my groupon (don’t worry, I got my money back).  So, I booked the second one before this lady could get away.  Is it weird that I’m a little nervous about it?  I don’t know how much to do before they come?  Clear the sink? Put everything away?  Move things around?  I’m just not sure of cleaning lady protocol, and honestly, after a certain point, it’s just easier for me to do it myself.

I’ll let you know how it goes.




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