Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

A few years ago, there was this silly little tv show on NBC called “Kath and Kim.”  I think it may have lasted one season.  I would have totally forgotten about the show, had it not been for one episode in which Kath, in response to her fiancee’s question as to whether they should do some sort of facial, or something along those lines, says yes, because “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  Like I said, the show was silly and I think the profoundness of the message unintentional, or very tongue in cheek because they were talking about beauty treatments, but I liked it, because it’s true.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, and it took something as frivolous as a dress, to remind me again.

My girlfriend, who has a knack for buying unique gifts (she is responsible for the adorable hat in the previous post), bought this fancy dress for my daughter’s first birthday. I thought it was just precious, and that my daughter looked precious in it, but she never wore it more than twice.  Why?  Because, there weren’t too many occasions for her to wear it.  Add to that, her penchant for getting messy and that she doesn’t like to wear bibs, and it’s a recipe for disaster for any nice, white, or light pink outfit.  So, it hung in the closet, barely worn.  In truth, I forgot about it, until Saturday, when I went rooting through my daughter’s closet for clothes she had outgrown.  Guess what?  The dress doesn’t fit her anymore, and now I’m not sure what I was saving it for.

So, what did I do?  I put it on her and took some pictures, because she looked so darn pretty in it.  She did all the things that I didn’t want her to do in the dress, blow bubbles, sit on the deck, and sit on chairs that needed to be cleaned.  Guess what?  The dress didn’t get dirty, and so what if it did?  Either way, she can’t wear it anymore.It’s not just about a dress or finding an occasion, or putting on the earrings that I keep stashed away in my drawers, it’s about remembering that there are no do overs in life. You only get one shot, and that’s easy to forget when you’re trudging through everyday tasks and chores.  So, on the most basic level, I say to you, as much as to myself, put on those earrings, learn how to sew, try a new hairdo, wear that fancy dress or that sweater that you paid too much money for.  What are you saving it for?  On a bigger scale, I say, write that book, start that business, learn a new trade, get that china out of the cabinet (oh, I am so guilty), do whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do.  Nothing is too frivolous, or too grand, to at least try.  If the hair is a disaster, the book a flop, who cares? It could just as easily be a success, but how would you ever know if you don‘t try.  After all, life is not a dress rehearsal.

Have a happy Monday.


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