Memorial Day Relaxation

The title says it all.  The fact that I relied on my iPhone (and Instagram) to take most of my pictures, because I was just too lazy to haul out the big camera, pretty much sums up my weekend.  Lazy, easy, breezy days (except Monday, that day was really hot).The beach was great (though the water cold).  The shovels were working. Holes were dug.The kids slept (meaning no one was up before six).  The cousins were happy, especially Little Lady, who got to pretend she had sisters.The fish tacos and sangria were good.  Thanks, big sis. The entertainment, complements of my brother-in-law, a water balloon fight, good and old fashioned.I had to hide behind the glass to get this picture after they sneaked attacked my sister. There was even a parade where candy was tossed. All in all, it was a great weekend.  One, that snuck up on me.  Now, with school winding down and my free hours numbered, I have to get on the ball and find a new bathing suit, a beach bag (word to the wise, don’t throw out your last year’s bag until you have a new one), hat, and cover up.

Hope your weekend was just as relaxing.

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