Memorial Day

I’m a little behind on this one.  I just don’t know where this week went.  Tomorrow, is Friday, and Second Son will be in his first piano recital.  I really hope he doesn’t mess up, not because I’m some crazed Tiger Mom, but rather, I don’t think I could stifle my nervous giggle if he makes a mistake.  Would that make me the worse mom on the planet?

He would never forgive me.

I better put a safety pin in my pocket just in case.  I can jab myself if I feel a fit of the giggles coming on.

Memorial Day weekend was chilly.  The one day we did attempt to sit on the beach, we ended up in sweatshirts and wrapped in towels. Of course, not Little Lady.  She is that tiny speck by the water, dead center of the boat. She didn’t feel a thing.

But, at least there was plenty of sunshine for us to enjoy the rides. And of course, for my boys to make some rides of their own.  First Son and I even played a little golf.  It was a good weekend.  I feel like the kids, ready for summer.


One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. I totally had the nervous giggle at the girls’ concert. I wanted to shoot myself when Abby made a mistake and I started with the giggle. Of course I’m the only one that caught the mistake but the giggle gave it away. What is it with that????

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