Mind Races

My mind has been reeling, lately, and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in the sand. Easter is coming, the kids need to be outfitted, I need to be outfitted, I snagged us a last minute vacation deal for spring break, which is awesome, but also means pulling out and buying clothes for warm weather.  Baseball has started, swim hasn’t ended, both boys are still taking music lessons. School, of course, is ongoing, and CCD is winding down, which means First Son has his end of the year test this week.  He has a communion banner due, too, which means I’ve unsuccessfully glued a one inch strip down (to insert a dowel) four times, now.  I’m really trying to avoid the sewing thing, but even after buying felt glue, it looks like it’s becoming unavoidable.

We’ve postponed the house sale, for now, because of course, the specter of relocation looms, and well, we’d just be plain crazy to list, and possibly sell the house, and then lose out on a lot of money (the company pays for relocation).

Of course, relocation is just a what if, a what if that hinges on someone else we don’t even know and circumstances that are beyond our control, but it’s a what if that is still a possibility, and one, truth be told, that makes me nervous.  I should have a better idea of what’s going to happen in a few weeks and then, one way or the other, the house will be listed.

This weekend went by like a blur.  Saturday, as miserable as it was in the northeast, was opening day for baseball, which meant a parade, that is hardly a parade, politicians, that the kids couldn’t care less about, throwing out pitches, and speakers, that spend more time glorifying their own past, than speaking to their audience.  I don’t mean to be all negative, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a kid who enjoys opening day festitivites.  Tie up some balloons, play some music, have some fun games, and a few cheers, and I think everyone would be much happier.

I didn’t make it to the parade this year (thankfully).  Little Lady had swimming class and I didn’t want her to miss. She is in the most basic level of swim class, Non-Swimmer I, in a program that I have done with both the boys (and that they still continue to do). This week they were working on floating and the fundamentals of backstroke.  Most kids resist laying on their back, at least inititally. Not little lady.  She laid her head back, with a look of a bemusement on her face, and kicked her little legs as fast as she could go.  She is a lot of fun to watch.

Since opening day went on as planned, in the cold rain, so did all the day’s baseball games.  So, right after swimming, we went to Second Son’s game, which we watched under an umbrella.  We spent the second game of the day, watching from the car. Fun.Sunday, First Son and I spent the better part of the day shopping and working on his banner.  We managed to get him some new sneakers and spring clothes, but I’m still not sure he has something to wear for Easter.  Little Lady is also in need of shoes, and Second Son, I was banking on him wearing First Son’s khakis from last year, but then, First Son informs me that they have a hole in them.  I can’t find them to confirm this. Once again, what I’ve ended up with, is a whole lot of returns, and clothes, that I could have probably put off buying for another few weeks.  Those returns stress me out, too.

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me around every holiday.  All this needless stress and worrying, and about what, clothes, shoes, tests, banners, and hair cuts?  I am perfectly aware that not one thing I stress about is a real reason to stress, even relocation.  It’s all good and I am thankful, but that still doesn’t stop me from getting up at four in the morning, my mind racing.  Thank goodness, I recently invested in this little guy (which each and every one of my kids has tried to weasel away from me).  The humming was the perfect antidote to get me back to sleep until my usual wake up call at 6:30.  I found it on sale at Target, for 15.99, I think I’ll take a cue from the name and chill out, after all, I’m pretty sure I did the same running around, last year, only to leave behind all the kids Easter outfits at home (we spend Easter out of town).  I ended up running to TJ Maxx and buying outfits, a task that had taken weeks, in about thirty minutes.  In fact, recalling that story is perhaps the best thing that I could do.  It’s a reminder that I’ve always worked best as a last minute kind of gal.  Preparation is too stressful!

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