Monday Morning Nature Walk

A Monday morning nature walk, not a bad way to start the week, if you don’t mind feeling like you’re in the Blair Witch Project.  Just kidding, I think.  Every year, second son’s preschool (which used to be first son’s preschool) takes a spring class trip.  We used to go to this cool little place called Animal Kingdom, where you could feed monkeys and all sorts of neat animals, but apparently they had a fire.  So this year, the trip was a visit to a wildlife refuge/nature center.  As you can see, second son was thrilled.Little Lady wasn’t too keen on the whole nature walk thing either.  In fact, I had flashbacks of the airport, as she started crying, “I don’t want to go,” as we stood under a pavilion waiting for our guide to lead us into the woods.  I don’t understand what set her off.  I mean who wouldn’t want to walk into the woods after hearing the guide’s wonderful tales of snakes and bears? Thankfully, neither of which, we encountered.  However, she rallied and we walked. Second son wanted to know when we were going to see nature. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but I can tell you he was disappointed.I think the biggest problem is that nature is not a novelty to us.  Part of our property is protected wet lands (soggy woods).  Deer, hawks, snakes, flying squirrels, wild turkeys, ground hogs, owls…unfortunately, we’ve got them all.  I really just have to look out my back door to see the deer, who sleep right behind our fence, waking up in the morning.  I tell the kids the deer are like our dogs, except don’t pet them. Which suits them just fine, they’re scared of dogs anyway.

Plus, I think a walk through nature is a little confusing for them.  I warn my kids to stay out of our woods, and then I try to tell them it’s exciting to go traipsing down a nature path.  I’m not sure they were buying into that one.  It was beautiful, though, and I did learn something.  Crows can imitate sounds.  Who knew?  Our guide had these two crows jabbering away, with one crow clearly trying to steal the show. I also learned that crows are very intelligent and that there’s all whole group of people out there who want to save crows, not because they are endangered, but because they may have gotten hit by a car or flew into a window.  Again, who knew? First son and little lady were happy, though, as they crossed the bridge to the parking lot (well before the whole show was over).  I just kind of slinked away as the guide yelled, “Wait, were not done yet.” And didn’t make eye contact as we drove the only way out, which was also the only way in, which was exactly where the group was standing at the time.  It was all very embarrassing, but sorry, I was hungry too (and a little bored).

All was not a failure, though.  After convincing little lady to take this off her head (add this to her new line of must wear gear), we enjoyed a nice lunch at Panera Bread.

It’s true what they say, every cloud does have a silver lining.

PS:  Second son wants me to tell you that he got a giant cinnamon bun.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Loved the before the walk pictures – those faces are priceless! We’re headed to a farm on Wednesday for a field trip. Hopefully it will be a little more interesting than a nature walk.

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