Mother’s Day at Longwood Gardens

Somewhere along the line, Mother’s Day planning got put on the back burner, this year.  Blame it on crazy schedules, concerts, recitals, Mother’s Day teas, sports, and class trips, but we could just not come up with an idea that appealed to everyone.

I have to tell you, I was pushing for the Philadelphia Art Museum. I’ve never been there before, and what better way to force my family to endure my creative whims but on Mother’s Day.  However, not everyone saw it that way (think kids running wild through the museum), so in the end, we decided on Longwood Gardens.

If you live somewhere within driving distance of Longwood Gardens, I highly recommend a visit, and if you can only pick one time of year, and aren’t afraid of the cold, then Christmas time is a must. I’ve just never seen a light show as spectacular as the one they have. But, I warn you, it will be crowded.

My sister and I have been there with our children, a few times, before, and I would go back again. With tree houses, fountains, and children’s garden, Longwood does not disappoint its younger guests.  Not only is there plenty to see, but wide open spaces to run and explore.  It’s an outing the whole family will enjoy.The elaborate indoor children’s garden in the beautiful conservatory, has winding steps, smoke filled ponds, and plenty of water features, that will fascinate both the young and old. The outside Bee-aMazed children’s garden, is just as beautiful, with yet another fountain and maze to explore.  Here’s the Queen Bee enjoying her reign.There is a bell tower, even more fountains, light shows, a beautiful waterfall, and, if your children have the patience, an indoor conservatory to explore, that is so fabulous you’ll wish you’d had your wedding reception there.  It is simply a delightful way to spend a sunny day, not only on Mother’s Day, but any time of year. And if you don’t believe me, take my son’s word for it.  As he was going to bed that night, he turned to me and said, “That was a really cool place!”And, he was the only one who would pose with me that day, God, I love that boy!

Just make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and bring a stroller along, because the grounds are vast and your children will tire.  If you forget the stroller, like we did this time, no worries, you can rent one when you get there.  Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you deserving mothers out there. I hope you were showered with love.


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