Mother’s Day Sunshine

We enjoyed a beautiful Mother’s Day.  I served as the hostess with the mostess to my sister and her family, and my mom and dad, serving up an assortment of appetizers, scallops, grilled chicken and asparagus risotto, with Bananas Foster for dessert.  It was delicious!  My goal was to create a restaurant experience at home and I think I did it.  I’ll add recipes, hopefully, tomorrow.Of course the food wasn’t the only good part of the day.  The kids got some serious cousin time, which meant serious play time, which meant serious old-fashioned swing on swings and ride bikes fun.  The moms got to relax and have some wine, with a pomegranate martini or two thrown in for good measure, and the dads and grandpa did all the supervising.  I just love Mother’s Day!

Of course little lady needed the most supervision of all.  She made it her mission to keep up with her older cousins. We drew the line when she was standing on the top rung of the play set ladder, ready to attempt the monkey bars next to her partner in crime, above. That didn’t stop her from giving it a shot with the Rip Riders.  Look at her trying to keep up with her big girl cousin.  It’s a wonder she didn’t skin her toes!  And what is she trying to do here, run her off the road?  She’s lucky it wasn’t one of her brothers or else she would have paid for that move.  These bikes are pretty cool, like a big wheel but with a little more gusto. You can do 360’s with them if you can reach the pedals, sorry little lady, big girl’s got you there.

I didn’t do a whole lot of picture taking yesterday (see wine and martini paragraph), but my husband managed to get one shot (sort of) of the whole reason we celebrate Mother’s Day.  One of these days we’ll get these kids to line up nice and smile, and stop making that damn peace sign.  Looking at this picture I realize I should have taken my apron off (and brushed my hair). The apron was my (requested) Mother’s Day present last year.  There was a time, way before I became a mom, when I thought I would never wear an apron, but there was also a time when I would have said my kids will never watch Spongebob.  Who knew they would both turn out to be so useful!

I hope your Mother’s Day was just as special as mine.  Happy Monday!


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