Music and Toe Nails

In honor of it being Wednesday, I decided to have my third cup of coffee on the couch this morning, in front of the Today show.  The Today show being something I have had to forgo in recent months, after my son gave my mom a detailed account of war, which he told her (when asked how he knew so much about war) that he saw on the Today show.  Amazing how my children can tune everything out, until they see missiles or fires, (or Charlie Sheen) or something else that is sure to keep them up at night.  But first son was at school, second son on the computer, and little lady, well, not paying attention, at least I don’t think she was.  Of course, if she starts asking me who the goddesses are then I think I’ll have to reconsider.

But back to my relaxing ten minutes of tv time.  So, I was sitting on the couch with my camera on my lap, once again fooling around with different settings, when this story came on about these carpenters playing music while on break (must be a slow news day).  I thought, how awesome would that be, to have a little guitar music while I washed the floors and did the dishes.  It would definitely make life more enjoyable, though I’m not sure more productive.  I mean, let’s face it, if I had two guys playing guitar in my living room, I might be more inclined to pop open a bottle of wine and start singing along, than work.  After all, I’m not getting paid, and I am my own boss, not too much incentive there.  I would also probably need a nap in order to resume the rest of my day…ok, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea, but it would be pretty cool. I’m including the clip for my dad. If you want first grandson to come down and play a few beats for the guys while they eat lunch, I’m sure for a small fee, he’d be willing.

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Anyway, while I was watching and sipping, and contemplating life’s larger issues, I was also admiring my latest pedicure. Something that doesn’t come very often these days, though with the super human toe nails that I possess, should probably happen more frequently. I was unsure of this color at first, but it’s growing on me, a perfect color to transition from winter to spring. And since it will probably still be on my toes when I bare my tootsies in my flip flops for all the world to see, I think it works.  I hear neutral is all the rage this spring, of course so is color, so is the seventies look, as are bell bottoms and skinny jeans.  Are you as confused as I am?

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a change, give it a try.  It’s neutral and it’s a nice alternative to the dark browns I usually choose in winter.  I think it was Essie’s smokin hot, or OPI’s over the Taupe, they were both so similar I can’t remember which one I chose, but don’t you just love the names?

Now that you’ve seen my toe nails, you can go about your day, at least I hope you can, I know some people really hate feet.  I think I’m going to go put on some music.  Happy Wednesday.

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