My Favorite Pair of Cropped Jeans

Cropped pants. Women love them, men hate them (just ask).  But, if you’re petite (short), yet, not petite (skinny), than finding a pair of cropped jeans can be a bit challenging.

Until recently, my favorite pair of cropped jeans came from Marshall’s.  I have a love hate relationship with them.  I love the wash and length, mid-calf. I hate that by the end of any given day, the crotch is mid-thigh, and I’ve grown weary from hiking them up, in an effort to prevent plumber’s crack.

Enter, NYDJ

NYDJ 'Nanette' Crop Stretch Jeans available at #Nordstrom
In the spring, while perusing the sale racks in Nordstrom’s petite section, I happened upon a pair of white denim, cropped jeans, and took them into the dressing room, with the five thousand other things I planned I trying on.  (Call me the lazy shopper, but I only like to get undressed, once.)Now, I have tried on NYDJ before, in full length, and though they fit like a glove, I wasn’t in love with them enough to pay the hefty price tag.  The source of my indecision, the hips.  Jeans that come up a little higher, feel better and don’t fall down, but they also do a strange disservice to my short legs, widening me right where I widen.  It’s not very flattering.

The cropped jeans, for whatever reason, don’t. I love them. They don’t fall down. They don’t stretch out. They suck me in without cutting off circulation (I’m looking at you, Gap, skinny jeans). They’re white, without being see through.  I can bend over and my underwear choice is not advertised to the world. It’s like a miracle!

They aren’t cheap, I got mine on sale for $55.00.  But, I keep my jeans for a long time. I even have jeans from before my son was born (I didn’t say I wear them), so I think it’s worth it.  In fact, I love these jeans so much I bought them in black, think Fall, and I keep looking for a denim wash that I like, to add to the collection.

Now, if I could only find a pair of sneakers that looks good with cropped pants, and doesn’t scream MOM!

Nordstroms is gearing up for their big anniversary sale.  But, you don’t have to wait, because they are sale, now.  If you can’t find them in stores, you can find them online.  You’re welcome, in advance.




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