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Last week kicked my butt. Cupcakes for school, a princess cake (homemade by yours truly), present buying, and an adult soccer social (for which I had to buy ten things only to end up wearing something from my closet) made for a busy week.


The Lady turned five, last week. FIVE! I can’t believe it. What happen? Just a few birthdays, ago, she looked this (she still loves leopard print).


I know it’s cliché, and I know it doesn’t matter during those dog days of summer, or when you have little ones constantly under foot robbing you of every ounce of your time, but the years go fast. Too fast.

The other day, as we were coming out of gymnastics, I looked at my daughter and I realized that I wasn’t looking at a toddler anymore, but a little girl, who is losing her puppy face. This picture isn’t even a year old!


So, in honor of my girl and her fifth birthday, here are five random things that I love about her.

1. She will make you feel special.  When I came down, Friday night, dressed for the aforementioned social, she gasped and said, “You look beautiful, mommy!”  When she came home from school, the other day, and the house was clean, she exclaimed, “The house looks fabulous!”  When she saw what I bought for soccer snack, she said, “Good choice, mom!”  Talk about supportive!

She’s my girl and she makes me smile.


PS:  Sometimes, when we’re out, together, people tell me we look alike.  I secretly love this, because no one ever says this if my husbands around. Maybe you can see why.


2. She loves animals. This morning, as she was working on her whistling skills, she said, excitedly, “Now, I can talk to the birds!”  Who knew?


3.  She loves her brothers. On Sunday, her brother got a soccer medal, awarded by the coaches, to the child who they feel contributed most to the game. Little Lady, upon seeing his medal, looked at him and said, “I’m so proud of you,” with such heartfelt sincerity, that she made me want to cry.


She’s been loving on them for a long time.


4. She loves to pose with mannequins. It’s strange, I know, but EVERY time we are in a department store, I will eventually turn around and see her standing like this, saying, “Mom, take my picture.”




This behavior, strange as it may be, never ceases to make me smile.

5. She likes to have a good time. IMG_0975



Whether she’s being tickled, out shopping, playing with her brothers, singing to herself, or scaring everyone with her vampire teeth, she radiates passion. She’s not afraid to put it all out there.  And for that and so much more, I think she is awesome!


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