No More Take-Out Lunch For You, Kid

My mom likes to tell a story about my brother and his kindergarten teacher.  One day, my little bro, of Ride the Pine fame, forgot his lunch.  The teacher called my mom to inform her that she did not have to come to school to drop off said lunch because she (the kindly teacher) would share her lunch with my brother.

My mom said thanks but no thanks, thus cementing my brother’s reputation as a mama’s boy while simultaneously upping her own status as super mom.  The teacher was not pleased, but my mom knew there was no way her son was going to share a lunch with his very old teacher.

Fast forward twenty five years and no longer do kids have to worry about forgetting their lunch or sharing with their teacher.  Apparently, parents are now delivering lunch to their kids at school in the form of restaurant take-out.

I know we are in an age of over indulgent parenting, but take out delivered hot and fresh to your child’s lunch table?  Now, that’s one I hadn’t heard before. I wonder if these parents get a tip?

All this came to light when an email was sent to the parents regarding school safety.  In an effort to close security holes at the school, parents were asked to no longer partake in this practice.

In fact, it seems that parents are the biggest safety threat the school is facing, in that they can’t keep from coming to school, dropping off lunches, sneakers, library books, and of course, lunch.  According to the letter, one school opened its doors seventy five times in one day, just for parents dropping things off.

They’ve asked the parents to stop.

I don’t know about you, but in my day, I was that kid getting items dropped off by my mom. In fact, I may not have passed a few classes without her.  So, maybe I’m a little biased. Of course, seventy five times does seem a bit excessive. Then again, I don’t know how many students attend the school.  After all, it’s all relative, right?

Is there an epidemic of forgetfulness sweeping through our youth? I don’t know? But, I think the better question might be who was counting the parents? And wouldn’t his or her time be better served doing something else, like maybe delivering those items?

Of course, none of these practices will stop if parents don’t read their email, and judging by the umbrella with the post-it note stuck to it, that I spied on the counter in the school office the other day, some people aren’t reading.

Don’t worry, I was there for a “scheduled” appointment, but as I looked at that umbrella, I couldn’t help but think, now that is one prepared mother.  I’m as guilty as the next parent when it comes to dropping off a forgotten lunch, but I’ve have to be pretty darn bored to drop off an umbrella, especially on a cloudless sunny morning.

Leave it to the super achievers to ruin it for the rest of us.


2 thoughts on “No More Take-Out Lunch For You, Kid

  1. I don’t have kids in school; we homeschool. But how are the parents of children security risks? Shouldn’t the school always be open to parents? Yes, I can imagine that screening all the parents would be a full-time security job if there are that many coming and going, but there could be a way to simplify the matter, like issuing a parent ID card for each student ID card. I can’t imagine dropping my kids off at school and then being told that I wasn’t allowed access to them. But that’s probably why I homeschool.

    • Kudos to you for homeschooling! I love the idea of it, but not sure I’m brave enough to tackle it. It is a shame that these restrictions have been put in place because one of the things I really like about my children’s new school is that they are really open to parents participating, monitoring the playground, coming in for school parties. It was something we didn’t have at our old school. You could even go and have lunch with your child in the cafeteria, something my husband did in the beginning of the year, which was a nice treat for my son who was having some difficulties adjusting. Unfortunately, they’re putting an end to that practice, too. I guess in the wake of Sandy Hook, I understand, but it’s a shame when random and senseless acts of violence make us more closed as a society. Thanks for reading.

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