Nothing Doing

Did I mention my kids have off for spring break this week?  They do.  So far, the highlight of our week has been a marathon trip to Toys R Us.  Marathon, because the Toys R Us that was closest to us, meaning twenty minutes away, much to our surprise, is not there anymore.  You can imagine, after all the anticipation, my children’s anguish, when we arrived to find a shell of a store.  And by shell, I mean no front, completely open, bare building with tractors in the parking lot.  I don’t know what was going on, but Toys R Us was long gone, and there was no indication that it was ever coming back.

So, we headed the twenty minutes back from which we came, and then drove twenty minutes in the other direction to the next closest Toys R Us.  A lot of driving, but I figured, what the hell? We had gift cards and nothing else to do.

Two tubs of army men later (First Son’s new obsession), a Lego helicopter, and three princesses, and that was pretty much our day.  It was a good one.

Today, has been pretty uneventful, as well.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the park and they said, no.  Fine by me.  Timmy Turner and army wars it is.  I like it.

Yesterday, I told you about my Pinterest inspired flower arrangements. These were my inspiration photos.


Here’s my take on it and how I made it.  I bought three colorful buckets, some candy, and two bunches of flowers, at Wegmans (of course).  Once I washed the buckets, I filled three small juice glasses with water and placed one in the center of each bucket. I then filled the space around the glass with Easter grass and topped the grass with candy. I used M&M’s and Reeses Pieces.  I then divided the flowers amongst the glasses and added a few peeps on skewers for good measure.I think they turned out pretty well.  Had I decided to do this sooner than the day before Easter, I would have bought some pretty ribbon and glued it around the bucket, but this was a last minute idea/gift for my mom that I assembled at her house.

How did they hold up?  Well, it’s hard to say.  Within an hour, things started coming apart, literally. First, the peeps, and then, the candy.  Not that I didn’t expect the candy to be eaten, that was kind of the idea.  I just didn’t expect it to be eaten so quickly.I guess I forgot who I was dealing with, the two biggest candy lovers in the world (that would be the last two children pictured).  This Lovely Lady got frustrated having to work around the flowers to get at the candy, so she just started slowly deconstructing my arrangements. And deconstructing them, some more. Until, this is all that remained.  Oh well, so much for centerpieces.  They looked good while they lasted.

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