November, Already?

Happy Election Day, everyone.  Hope you voted!  Though after reading an article about how individual votes don’t really matter, I’m feeling a bit disillusioned.  But, enough about politics, let’s talk about life.

Super Storm Sandy came and went, and thankfully didn’t cause us much harm, just inconvenience, and by inconvenience, I mean school was closed for three days.  Because, while we only lost power for about a minute, others in our town (including one of the schools), were without power for days.

Trick or treating, school parties, and with the kids home, my unpacking, were all postponed. I’ve come to the realization that I will probably not begin feeling settled until after the holidays.  That’s two months away, but I just don’t have the time or discipline to get it done any sooner. I’m hoping I’ll be completely unpacked by summer.  Pathetic, I know.

Halloween has given us a glimpse into the friendly neighborhood we’ve moved into, and while it can sometimes collide with my hermit like tendencies, it’s been really nice.  First, their was our neighborhood Halloween block party and parade, that occurred in the rain, the day before Sandy struck.  Then, there were the neighbors, helping each other clean out each others gutters in preparation for the storm.

When Sandy cleared out, and people started to emerge from their homes, we were surprised to find ourselves, Boo-ed!  Maybe you’ve heard of this before, but it was new to me.  One night, we turned on the back porch light and spied this outside our door. In the bags, lots of little treats with a paper that explained we’d been Booed! The kids were thrilled.  Lo and Behold, not more than a half hour later, we were Booed at our front door, by a gang of kids.  I so prefer this to being toilet papered!

My first party as room mom went off without a hitch, though I can’t take as much credit for its success as my co-room mom, who put me to shame, planning most of the activities, setting up, and leaving a very detailed outline of the events for all the helpers.  Did I mention she also has three kids, teaches classes at two colleges, and consults for a text book company.  I mean sure, one of those colleges is a county college, but still ;)! Talk about feeling cheesy. Maybe I should ask her to come help me unpack my house.

My big contribution, besides many mind-numbing emails, the edible craft.  Inspired by Pinterest, I assisted the kids in making these Frankenstein cupcakes.   Pretty cute, don’t you think?  The crazy part, in the interest of time, I disregarded my hate of all things food coloring and artificial ingredients, and bought everything, boxed cupcakes, canned icing,  decorators icing, and edible spray icing.  And, you know what?  This was the first time the kids not only devoured the cupcakes, but complimented me on them, over and over, again.  Whatever!  All these years, knocking myself out baking Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin muffins, home made icing, home made sugar cookies with royal icing, and cake pops, and I could have been buying the crap the whole time. Figures!  Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to let those little Duncan Hines lovers deter me.

Halloween also bought a marshmallow shooter into our lives (much to my dismay). Our town also hosts a little Halloween parade and celebration, which we attended a week before Halloween.  At the festivities, there was a drawing for a marshmallow shooter, which of course my children had to enter.  Well, who should win?  But, of course, Second Son.  It couldn’t have went to more loving home.

Unfortunately, for me, we got the email the Friday before Sandy hit and then weren’t able to pick the darn thing up until the following week. I have learned that state of emergency is meaningless to a six year old who wants marshmallows. After a few days of torture (for both of us), he finally got his prize.After which, he immediately tested it out on a very willing crowd.  Of course, this was a bit problematic for him, since it is he, who really loves marshmallows, but he found a solution. Thankfully, the marshmallow gun lost its luster rather quickly (i.e., don’t waste your money) and my kids are no longer scrambling to eat marshmallows off of our floor.

I have also signed the boys up for street hockey which begins in December.  It started with Second Son, because, well, after seeing him like this, how could I not? Yea, he didn’t need the dentist for the second front tooth, a rogue soccer ball knocked that sucker right out for him!

But now, it has become a family affair, since First Son begged that he must play, too, even though I already signed him up for basketball.I really think he just wanted the gear.

I even bought Little Lady a stick.  She looks like a hockey player, doesn’t she?
And finally, last night, five days after the actual day, the kids trick-or treated.  I’m so happy it’s over!Hope your Halloween was just as spooktacular.  Talk soon.



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