On Boots and Blinds

With the Fall winding down and the birthday season almost finished, just one more to go, I had a bit of a breather this week to concentrate on other things that matter, like boots and blinds.

First, the boots. Let me tell you about my new found love of Zappos. Sure, I’ve used them, before. Sure, their no hassle shipping and return policy is awesome, but I never realized just how awesome they really were until I called them about my daughter’s Uggs.

There is nothing cuter than a little girl in Uggs, however, the hefty price tag has kept my little lady from ever wearing a real pair. Love them as I may, a hundred dollars for a growing foot, in my opinion, is a little ridiculous. Enter over generous grandparents who werelooking for a gift idea.  And so, my daughter has these adorable Uggs.

However, not even a week in, despite my “Don’t put your feet down when your riding your bike!” (don’t ask me how I expected her to stop) and, changing her shoes mid-soccer game, because “we don’t want to get your shoes muddy” the seam at the toe was threadbare.


I was beside myself (hence, why I could never buy her these boots, myself), I thought she would wear them for, at least, two years.

I looked at her Bear Paws, that she wore the previous two years, sans restrictions, because despite the above paragraph, I am not a mother who restricts certain shoes and clothes to only certain times, and they looked fine.  So, I called Zappos and told them what happened.  Expecting to be in for a fight, I was pleasantly surprised when a more than cheery sales associate, who assured me the product must be defective, offered to replace them for free. She even let me keep the defective pair.  Yes!

Since she was being so generous, I decided to ask her about a pair of Merrell Boots that I bought last year, that’s buttons had come off.  You know what she said?  Sounds like those were defective, too (just for the record, it was a common complaint for these boots).  Furthermore, she told me that even though they only guarantee shoes for six months, she was willing to take mine back and apply the credit towards a new pair of boots.

Can you say Zappos customer for life!

So, I shipped the old pair back (for free) and ordered some replacement boots from them plus a pair of rain/snow boots for my daughter.  Then, I ordered some boots from Nordstrom, since I also need a new pair of black ones, and they were having their semi-annual sale. Now, I am surrounded by five pairs of boots and unsure if I am keeping any of them.

I ordered this pair of Merrell’s and while they are super comfy, I’m not crazy about the color. In real life, they look darker.IMG_2622

I also ordered these Clarks.

I love their color, but they feel a little narrow. Still, they are the front runner of the brown boots.

Of the three pair of black boots that I ordered from Nordstrom, one, the Eccos,

I could barely get zippered over my calf, the Born, were so tall they hit mid-knee,

and the Clarks, well, I think I just got confused when I was ordering because, they are the same pair that I ordered in brown, and I like a little variety.

So, the hunt for boots, at least black ones, goes on. Thank goodness for free return shipping.

I also ordered blinds for the downstairs den, this week.  That was an ordeal. I measured everything up Monday morning and set off to Home Depot. The plan was to buy some faux wood blinds and get them cut down.  However, on the way there, I stopped into Blinds to Go, thinking that the name of the store meant that I could pick blinds and walk out the store with them.  This is not the case.  There’s a two day turn around, which is really good, but not as good as same day.

Did I ever tell you that I’m impatient?  It’s not a trait I’m proud of and usually does me no good, but I’m not one of those people who makes a plan and methodically moves from one point to the next. No, I’m one of those people, who when they want something, or decide to do something, it has to be done right away.  This is why, despite my sister’s recommendation,  I did not order from Blinds.com. I didn’t want to wait for samples and I couldn’t be sure of the color of the wood blinds just from my computer screen.

On to Home Depot, where I discovered that their made to cut blinds are not only crap, but don’t come large enough to cover one of my windows. Next up, Lowes, which ended up being the same story, different box store.  So, the next day I returned to Blinds to Go with my measurements and made some decisions, sort of. The sales associate took my deposit and sent me back home with some samples and to re-measure using their little worksheet.

I returned the next day ready to order, again, except when I got to the store, I wavered on the color. So, I returned home again, with two larger samples, stuck to my original decision and called in the order, last night, which was still altered from the original plan.  I decided to hold off on the home office window, in the front of the house, which was a definite, two days prior, after realizing that I could use the blinds from my bedroom in the office, and pick something new for my bedroom, which is never dark enough (oddly enough, it’s never light enough, either, but that’s a story for another day). Sorry if I’m confusing you.  So, in the end, I guess it was good to wait. They’ll be ready, tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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