On Nail Polish

I’m having a hard time picking a toe nail color, this summer. I wasn’t feeling the usual summer hues, so I decided to go with a grey taupey color. A few days in, and I wasn’t feeling that, either.

My daughter agreed. She told me my toes looked sad and that I needed a happier color. So, I removed the sad color and painted them hot pink. Two days in, I decided that wasn’t working for me, either. It didn’t quite match my skin tone.

Off came the pink and on went the coral. I swear I haven’t taken this much nail polish off my toes…ever. In fact, I am usually so lazy about taking off nail polish, like it’s some monumental chore, that a pedicure could last me four months (I didn’t say it looked pretty).

The coral had just a bit too much neon for my taste, so off came the coral and on went a color that I like to call baby poo brown. Essie calls it fierce, no fear.IMG_6117I’ve decided it’s ok, for now, but that’s because I just can’t face the thought of removing said nail polish and painting them, again (though I already have a color lined up.)

I don’t know when I became so particular about my nail polish, or even if it’s that I’m being particular. Picking a nail color has always seemed like such a major commitment and I’m sure that’s because when I was paying someone else to put it on, I wanted to make sure I got it right.

But, I don’t really get pedicures anymore. Nail fungus, disease, the Internet, has kind of scared me away. Not that I won’t ever venture into the pedicure arena again, because along with massages, I can’t think of a better way to relax, but for now, I’ve taken over on my toes.

So, the only commitment I’m making these days is to eight dollar bottles of nail polish, which I’m not exactly thrilled about. In fact, I’ve started to think that nail polish is a big scam. I mean have you ever used a full bottle of nail polish? I know I haven’t. At most, I’ve painted my toes the same color three times.

Which makes me wonder why nail polish companies can’t sell nail polish in smaller containers. Surely, this would be a good answer and I would think a win for nail polish companies. I would try more colors, and the color faithful would keep buying smaller bottles of the color they love.

In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for my July color. I’ve decided nail polish is like jeans. The material might be the same, but the slightly different fit makes a new pair, every few years, practically a necessity or else we would all still be wearing high waisted mom jeans. So, while that pink might have looked awesome, last fourth of July, it’s not quite the pink that is staring back at me on the Essie 2014 display.




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