One Week Down, Many Many More to Go

Is it June, yet?

See how quickly things change?  One week I’m counting down the days until the start of school and the next week I’m cursing all the structure, and deadlines, and start times, and practices, and homework, and lunch making, and omg, it’s a lot!

By Tuesday, I was exhausted.  That was after back to school night.

But let’s back up for a minute.  It all started with a back to school barbecue, imagined by my children, and brought to fruition by yours truly…less than twenty four hours, before the event.  Don’t get me wrong, we had been toying with the idea of having all the neighbors and their offspring over, for a while, but I never committed to actually inviting everyone. I was skeptical, coming off our Bermuda trip, and then, Labor Day, the kids were exhausted. Then, we added in a week of all day neighborhood play, with night time sports practices, late bed times, and early mornings and I was even more leery, especially since we had two upcoming flag football games on Saturday, and two soccer games (the first of the season) on Sunday.

But, at around 8pm on Friday night, I had a change of heart and sent out an email inviting everyone over the next day at 6pm.  Since we all know how neat I am (yea, right), I only had to worry about what to feed 11 adults and 15 children. What should have been a pizza party morphed into a barbecue with yours truly manning the grill.  Let me give you some advice, next time you want to have a barbeque in a two hour time span for twenty six people, don’t do it. Order pizza, sit down, pour yourself a big drink, and socialize. That’s the plan for next year.IMG_1386

I’m glad I did it, though, my kids thought it was the best party ever, I had fun, too, but next time, I’ll make the committment just a little bit sooner.

So, that’s how we rolled into Sunday, exhausted, with headaches, and two travel soccer games. We trudged through it.

And then came Monday!

Here’s the routine.  First son is first. This year, he goes to his new big boy school (which doesn’t sound very big boy when I put it that way). He loves it, which makes me very happy.

See how fancy we get for the first day of school?

See how fancy we get for the first day of school?

Then, we walk back up my very long block, and fifteen minutes later, walk back down my very long block, and one street over, so number two can get on his bus.  IMG_1392Then, we walk back up my very long block, again, and fifteen minutes later, we get in the car to take the Lady to her brand new preschool, which she attends, begrudgingly, even pulling out the tears, yesterday, in an effort of resistance. Really, she just wants to stay home with me. I told her I’m boring, but she’s not buying it.IMG_1745

Poor Little Lady, her very best buddy and neighbor, is one year older than her, and so she has lost her partner in crime to kindergarten.  The first day of the boys’ school (she started a day later) she cried after realizing that the whole neighborhood was getting on that bus.  IMG_1396As for the rest of the week, we have an activity every single night. Sometimes, two, one for each kid, at the same time, at fields, on opposite ends of town. In one week, I’ve already worn some people out with the whole, can you take my kid to xyz, because I have to get my other kid to xyz.

I’m sorry, but these coaches are crazy with their twice a week soccer practices and all, which may have been acceptable had we won our game last Sunday, or even come close.  But anyway.

Add on a sewage backup (that was fun), and one swollen Little Lady eye (which turned out to be a stye, diagnosed by a doctor, in under two seconds-I swear I’m not a first time mom), and that has been our week.

Today, Little Lady doesn’t have school, which is the only reason I am able to write, and after a food store run, and some major house cleaning (because I’ve spent my teeny tiny little free time, this week, returning things I bought for my Bermuda trip-I can’t believe I was in Bermuda a little over two weeks ago), I will start the staggered pick up process, which is much like the dropping off process.  I should be very skinny by the end of the year.

Then, I will want to cook a nice dinner that doesn’t consist of sandwiches or left overs, open up a bottle of wine, and feel proud that we made it through the first week of school, on time and with homework done. (Well, sort of, I opened up First Son’s assignment book this morning and it said study for test, today?!!!  WTH! He assures me that he will “boss” it,whatever that means.)

But, no.

I won’t be doing that because I will have to take my oldest to Friday night soccer practice and it will be too late when I get home, since Second Son has some sort of penance retreat that I have to be at at 8:45 Saturday morning. Then, the Flag Football games begin…..

Welcome to the new school year! I love these kids!IMG_1719


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