Over, Already?

Christmas came and went.  Besides a Christmas Eve cold, that is still lingering, this year, my holiday was pretty enjoyable.

It is our tradition to spend the 23rd and 24th at my mom’s, with my sister’s family.My parents indulge the kids with Christmas presents, we eat a big dinner, and generally, just relax.We even got a few emails from Santa.  As a side note, if you haven’t discovered Portable North Pole (introduced to me by my annoying dental hygienist-I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about all her useless banter) then, next year, you must do it!  I can’t tell you the joy on my children’s and niece’s face when Santa addressed them, personally.

We, then, attend Christmas Eve mass, take the obligatory Christmas picture, and this year, headed home after grabbing a quick bite to eat.I don’t know if it’s that the kids are getting older, that we got home earlier on Christmas Eve (that I drank less wine), or, the fact that the kids slept until five, rather than their usual four thirty Christmas Eve time, but the holiday felt less rushed and less stressful than usual.We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house.  Dark and early!And basked in the glow of it, the rest of the day.After Christmas dinner was over, and my parents were gone, the kids in bed, and I was shutting down the house, I felt that familiar twinge of sadness, that another Christmas had come and gone so quickly.

But it was a sadness mixed with the satisfaction of a day well spent, because just as I mourned the passing of time, I’ve also come to the realization that each year it gets better.

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