Phone Rage

Is there such a thing as phone rage?  Because that’s what I was feeling, yesterday, while trying to hook up my modem.  The latest of many calls, and many still to come (since I haven’t even hooked my phone up, yet) to the communications giant, Comcast.

Sure, the idea of all my boxes and modem sitting on my porch the day of settlement, seemed like a good idea, but actually installing everything myself, simply sucks.

Comcast, in the cleverest of schemes, has replaced their paid, probably pensioned workers, with people like me, who are now, not only working for them, but paying them money to do it, all under the guise of convenience.

Don’t get me wrong, self installation is not difficult.  But it is maddeningly time consuming and frustrating to sit through everyone of their f#%king phone prompts, just to get to an operator, who can barely speak English. WTF, Comcast!

At least I’ve gotten practice using my new phone number, since not only am I required to enter it into the phone TWICE before even getting to an operator, but then I have to give it, again, to the person who answers my call. Which leaves me wondering, why do I have to enter it twice, before that?  Is this like the Disney World concept of moving the crowd from waiting room to waiting room to keep them from noticing how long they’ve really been waiting?  Guess what, you’re not fooling anyone.

And then, there is the issue of entering said phone number.  If I mess up, which I sometimes do, there’s no way to go back.  I hate to state the obvious, but a phone keypad is not like a computer’s, there is no delete key.  So, I’m just stuck waiting, again, for the computer to say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that….” and it starts up all over, again.

I can’t decide what’s worse, talking to an incompetent human, talking to an incompetent computer, or talking to a phone operator, whom I suspect, isn’t even working in this country.  And then I decided, it’s really just talking to Comcast that sucks.

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