Playing Hooky

Yesterday, we played hooky. We blew off school, household chores and mundane errands all in the name of one pretty little lady who turned four. This is the birthday girl, my niece, who is just as pretty and sweet as she is in this picture. We just couldn’t miss her party. There was climbing and chasing,and plenty of  butt shots of my little lady, since that’s all I saw of her most of the day. She’s a slippery sucker, who’s fearless to boot. There was blood.  What party would be complete without a bloody mouth, a freaked out aunt, who thought her nephew had lost an adult tooth, and a weirdo mom, taking pictures of her son’s mouth in the bathroom? But don’t worry, he flicked out that tooth, and went off for even more climbing. First son can be tough sometimes, unless were talking about climbing steep rock walls.Then, he’s getting schooled by this other little pretty little lady (she’s up at the top, on the right), who just happens to be my other niece and the birthday girl’s big sister. She’s smart, pretty, tough, and oh so cool for an eight year old. She just got her bangs cut and she’s really proud of them, can you tell?  After all that fun, we went back to my sister’s to hang out for the rest of the day and say hello to a newer member of their household, meet Hunter.  He’s a little over eager.The boys thought he looked just fine (as long as he stayed behind the gate).But then it was time to go home, back to reality to finish out our week. We had fun. I love seeing my sister and nieces, and the cousins love playing with each other. Thanks, my pretty little niece for letting us spend your fourth birthday with you. You said it best when you told me, “Everybody loves me,” because we sure do. Happy Birthday!

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