Potty Training, The Fun Never Ends

The pool is not conducive to potty training, especially when a certain little lady is very reluctant to use a public restroom.  I’m not sure what she thinks is going to happen, that she’ll get flushed down the toilet and sucked away to poopy land?  Or, if it’s just the mere size and grossness factor of the pool bathrooms that keeps her insisting that she doesn’t have to go.

Except I know, that in fact, yesterday, she did have to go, and it’s not because I have some kind of super mom radar.  Rather, she made it blatantly obvious to the whole pool by standing with butt cheeks tightly clenched, tears streaming down her face, screaming, “I’ve got to go poopy!” At which point, I would pick her up and run as fast as my feet would carry me across the hot rough pavement only for her to vehemently proclaim, “I don’t have to go!” once we got in the bathroom.


After the third time that this happened, I sat her on the potty  just for the hell of it, or maybe because I like to torture myself and my fellow potty goers.  She screamed wildly, her voice echoing off the cinder block walls for all the occupants to hear, “I don’t have to go potty!”

I tried to talk her down.  I tried to whisper a story to her, soothe her fears, hold her hands, all without my shoes on in the dirty disgusting bathroom, so she would poop and we could move on with our day.

It didn’t work.

By my fourth run, I was done.  We left the pool.  As beautiful of a day as it was, as much the boys wanted to stay, I had had enough.  Obviously, she needed her Diego potty seat more than I knew.  Even then, it was a drama filled affair that finally came to a conclusion four hours later with yet another poop on the potty.  I think we are up to four.Not bad, little lady, but next time, can you do it without all the drama?

5 thoughts on “Potty Training, The Fun Never Ends

  1. Laughing so hard reading that especially about your bare feet on the floor! I refuse to go into the bathroom at the pool without my flip flops but bad mommy I am, my kids are constantly running in there bare-footed. I forgot to tell you that I used to carry a foldable potty seat to the pool when Emily was potty training. I would carry it in a big ziploc bag – because who wants to touch it after it’s been on the toilet – and then disinfect it when I got home. I don’t think we used it all that much but it helped a little bit with the fear of going on the big potty.

  2. That’s three more times than mine and it’s been almost a month into training…. did I mention we don’t use any diapers or pull ups? You figure how things are going here ;o)

      • She’s actually great with the pee-pees. I’ve only had to change sheets twice because she wet the bed. I can almost say she’s reliable about the pees, but you know what will happen if I do :o)

        The poops are another story…….

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