Powder Room Reveal

The bathroom is finally done, well almost, I still have to caulk around the trim and paint the back of the door, but other than that, it’s done.  The caulk, the painter should have done, but didn’t. The back of the door, I didn’t think needed painting until I saw it against the new paint color and white trim, which makes it look kind of dirty.

The painter turned out to be a dud.  Remember when I was discussing estimates for removing wallpaper, well, I went with the first estimate, which I originally thought was outrageous, but in the end, turned out to be the cheapest.  Maybe there was a reason for that.  The painter/handyman, did a great job of removing the wallpaper upstairs, but really didn’t do any better in the downstairs powder room than I did.  Remember that fiasco?  In fact, instead of scraping the rest off, he ended up spackling over most of the remaining teeny tiny pieces.  It would have worked, except he didn’t do such a great job sanding those spots, and of course, blamed the imperfections on the dark color and sheen of the paint, not his own crappy work.

As for the trim, he replaced the new, very precise, trim my dad had installed, after the tile was complete, with larger trim to hide some drywall damage that occurred during the tiling.  I was fine with larger trim, but not with the finished product.  He never caulked between the trim and the wall, so within a week, the paint separated from the wall and now it looks cracked.  This is why I like to do my own painting.

Besides the painting, I’m very happy with how the rest of the bathroom turned out. Here are some of the before and during pictures, remember my groovy wall paper?This is after everything had been removed. Here is the after, a big improvement. In the long shot, the light fixture looks way brighter than it is, so here’s a close up. If I intended on staying in the house, I would change out the toilet.  Although I am not a fan of tall commodes, I think a larger, off white toilet would work a little better with the taller vanity and color scheme.  But other than that, I couldn’t be happier.

Now, for the details.  The tile was bought, on sale, at a local tile and carpet store.  It works perfectly with the color of the walls (Valspar, Carmelized Onion) and vanity, which is made by Aristokraft.  The cherry vanity, stained in Sarsasparillo, was special ordered from a local lumber and plumbing supply store.  This was surprisingly reasonable, and an option I don’t think most people explore.  In terms of quality and price, this is far better than anything we would have gotten at Home Depot or Lowes.The granite top and bowl we’re purchased at Home Depot. Originally, we were going to custom order a top, but buying a prefabricated one, turned out to be more reasonable and just as attractive. The plumbing fixtures, knobs, light fixture and toilet paper holder were purchased at Lowe’s.  The towel ring came from Target.  All the accessories, mirror, and pictures came from my favorite, Home Goods.

And there you have it.  A finished bathroom.  Have a great weekend.

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