IMG_4151I seem to be suffering from post vacation depression disorder otherwise known as PVDD (hey, if Gwenyth can “consciously uncouple” than I can PVDD). After a week in sunny and warm Naples, I’m back in the dreary northeast, forever waiting for spring to arrive.

This happened before, when I went to Bermuda. After three straight days of being waited on, cleaned up after, and left to my own devices, it was like shock and awe to come back to being the waiter, cleaner, and general ring leader of an ongoing and disorganized circus.

IMG_2253This time, yes, the kids were there and we stayed in my parent’s condo, so I did still cook breakfast and lunch and clean up after people, but we ate out almost every single night, which just happens to be one of my favorite things to do (especially, when I’m outside surrounded by palm trees and twinkling lights). IMG_4295And, of course, we had to hit Joey’s on Marco Island, twice.IMG_2267


Just as we did two years, ago. The menu picture is a joke we have going with my parents. They make us jealous with a picture when they’re there, we reciprocate.


Besides over indulging in food and wine, going to the beach, pool, and playing tennis, there was absolutely nothing else to do.

IMG_4202Except fight…with rackets. They’re definitely taking it up a notch.
But that’s par for the course.

It was all very refreshing. Who knew I would make such a good retiree?

Even the kids seemed relaxed. Having been broken in by last year’s ill-fated trip to MD, where we were tricked into booking a room without wifi (or, maybe just assumed it would be there like water comes out of the faucet), handled the lack of wifi with grace.  Look at them all cozy and smiling on the couch.IMG_2275They seemed to be prepared to rough it for a week ;), which only made visiting the club house, or any other establishment that offered free wifi like the second coming.IMG_4249Two years ago, same pool.IMG_2082But if you ask me, it was all good, and now, I’m back, struggling to find meaning in my life without a trashy magazine and body of water in front of me.IMG_4238Two years ago, same pool, same floater. IMG_2070

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without the obligatory airport picture that I always make my family take just as they’ve had enough with traveling. This year.

IMG_4339Same airport, same trip, two years ago (but with a crappy camera). Time flies!IMG_2094

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