Rain Boots and Pant Cuffs

I consider myself to be a person of reasonable intelligence and somewhat fashionable, in a homogeneous sort of way (you know, I buy the outfits that the sales associates put on the mannequins), yet for some reason, rolling my jeans properly, eludes me. Try as I might, I cannot get my pant cuffs to match. Don’t worry, I’m not walking around in sweat socks and rolled jeans. You see, I have this pair of rain boots that I love, and if I want to wear jeans and not get the bottoms wet, which is the reason I bought rain boots in the first place, then I have to roll.

These are my Kamiks.  I wear them every time it rains and sometimes when it snows. They are comfortable, cool (in a Darth Vader sort of way), and are lined with polartec. These boots were my big purchase this year. You know when you suddenly decide you can’t live without something (i.e. rain boots) and go nuts trying to find the perfect whatever it is that you want? For me, it was rain boots, specifically Hunter rain boots, so I spent a good portion of three evenings, missing my favorite sitcoms and torturing sales people, all in the name of fashion and dry feet. I tried on different sizes, different colors, and different styles, but alas, it was not meant to be, because I’m not Kate Moss, who looks really cool in these boots. Hunter boots are just not made for short people, unless you want your boot to hit your knee every time you take a step, which also makes it very difficult to go up and down stairs. The short boot, which apparently is geared towards short people, was just ok, and those little fleece inserts that you can use to keep your feet warm, well, they weren’t comfortable either, or free. Eventually, I came to my senses and did what I do best and returned everything. I decided to look for a rain boot that I could actually wear for long periods of time and that didn’t cost a small fortune. I found them, and let me just take a second to say, thank you Zappos reviewers, and thanks to my husband too, who was enjoying a nice nap on the couch, when I asked him to take a picture of my feet. He was more than happy as you can imagine.

I love these boots in every way except, (there’s always an except isn’t there) that the only type of pant I can tuck into them are stretch pants, and while I’m not afraid of the stretch pant, I can’t wear them every time it rains, that requires too much planning. So, sometimes I wear my jeans and attempt to roll them, except they never ever roll even. I’ve tried many, many times. I even googled rolling jeans, pathetic, I know. I’m not sure what I was expecting (the girl’s guide to rolling her pants when wearing her cool rain boots), but nothing really turned up. So, I tried my own style, which my husband insisted was too high, (funny, but I’ve never seen him roll is pants) and I’ve tried rolling them lower, because…maybe he was right. Either way, they never came out even.

Today, though, I thought was different, and I was feeling quite proud as I made my way into Target, jeans rolled, cool boots on, but lo and behold, five minutes in, I looked down and noticed that my roll job was not what I had thought. I was definitely askew (see picture). Here, I thought people were checking out my rain boots because they thought they were cool, not because they were wondering what the heck was wrong with me. All I have to say is thank goodness I wasn’t in Wal-Mart, lest I end up on one of those emails (you know the ones I’m talking about). So, I think for now, I better just stick with the stretch pants. Or shrink down to first son’s size, who loves my boots too. Must be the Darth Vader vibe!

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