Rainbow Loom-Causing Frustration Since August 2013

IMG_1765The ubiquitous rainbow loom, we have one, I’m sure you do, too.  We got ours in August.  I thought it would be fun, but instead, it has become a nightmare, frustrating Second Son to the point that I don’t even want to enter the room if he is attempting to make one.  But he’s not the only one.  As I sit here typing, my oldest son (he’s home “sick,” today), just yelled out, “I hate rainbow loom.”

Trust me, buddy, I get it.IMG_1773

Because I hate rainbow loom, too. First of all, the directions suck.  After several (read close to twenty) failed attempts at making a bracelet, I had to consult YouTube, where I was put to shame by a ten-year old rainbow loom master, who condescended to me for about ten minutes, schooling me on the ins and outs of making a basic rubber band bracelet. Hey sister, if you’re so smart, maybe you can figure out how to cut that YouTube video in half.

For the more complicated fish tail pattern, we ditched YouTube and consulted our twelve-year-old neighbor, who patiently showed us his method, while we impatiently lost interest and let him finish our bracelets.  No one’s been able to complete one since.  And forget the elusive starburst. If wasn’t for children way more talented, patient, and most importantly, generous than us, then Second Son wouldn’t be sporting his cool, envy of our family, red and black bracelet. He’s wearing his right now, so I can’t show you, but here’s a triple, we can’t do this one, either.IMG_1768

Don’t even get me started on the plastic pick that (according to YouTube videos) used to be metal, but was probably changed to plastic as a result of some lawsuit where a kid poked his sister in the eye (or it just costs less to make). Using it is like playing a game of Operation. Just ask my Second Son, who got up this morning with the idea that he was going to do something nice for his brother and make him a bracelet.  What started as an act of good will ended with objects flying and names being called.  Unfortunately, I took the brunt of his anger, all because I gave into his request for “help.”  I should have known better, after all, I know this dance well, which is why before I even thought about saying yes, I said, I’m not going to help you if you’re going to yell at me if it doesn’t work.  So much for promises.  According to my most rational and even-tempered child (not), I “ruined everything,” so “thanks a lot,” said with HEAVY sarcasm.

And lastly, were not the neatest people on this earth, so as you can imagine, Rainbow Loom has just added more mess to my house.  Rubber bands are popping up in random places, and every time I turn around, I find the loom with a half-finished bracelet on it.

So, if our Rainbow Loom happens to get “lost,” I think you’ll know where to find it.  In the meantime, I’ve vowed that  the next time the latest craft fad comes along, I’m just going to wait for my neighbors to buy it, first, and then send my kids over to play.  Sharing is good, right?

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom-Causing Frustration Since August 2013

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  2. You must be my long lost sister. I have now tried at least 4 different bracelets, for two to three hours at a time. I have zero completed bracelets. I destroy them every time I try to get them off the loom. My six year old has completed one — when I was too busy to “help” him. Lesson learned, he is MUCH better off without me. I hate this thing with a passion. Our living room, kitchen and dining room floors are littered with the rubber bands but I cannot put the loom away– as I KNOW it will never be played with again. Thanks for the laugh. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only mom in the country who couldn’t make these things!

  3. LOL. I did a search this morning for “hate the rainbow loom” because I needed to know if I was alone in my frustration. I’m so glad I found this post. Both my kids – ages 5 and 8 – got looms from Grandma for Christmas. And the loom has caused more frustration, yelling and crying than any other toy we’ve ever had. Ever.

  4. yes i hate rainbow loom

    we are a family of handcrafters, I’m even a weaver myself, and i hate rainbow loom.

    thats right i said it

    the world of handcrafting is amazing and how many countless children are now feeling stupid that they cant do it.

    i think moms are the ones doing the bracelets for their kids.

    booo hooo rainbow loom.

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