Rocking the Scarf

And now for more of the frivolous

In the better late than never, files, I finally bought a scarf and wore it!  But not before watching this tutorial, discovered through a random Google search.  If your scarf challenged like me, watch the video and you’ll be rocking your scarf, too. What do you think?  I have to tell you, I like it.  I thought it would feel too puffy, but it didn’t.  Instead, it added a little pizazz to my black turtleneck and kept me a little warmer throughout the day.  I’d say I’m definitely a convert, though I do have to admit that after wearing it for most of the day, by evening, I was ready to take it off.  It also interfered with certain tasks, like cooking and an impromptu cleaning of the toilet. I suppose I could have just taken it off (which seems pretty obvious in hindsight), but I didn’t.

Speaking of taking it off, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if a scarf is an indoors, outdoors, or both, kind of accessory.  An insecurity magnified by my dad, who, the last time I wore a scarf inside, kept asking me if I was cold, or going for a look.  But, in the name of my, who cares what other people think, New Year’s resolution, I left mine on all day.

The second time I wore my new Marshall’s find (14.99), I even got a complement. Which makes me think you’re supposed to leave it on indoors?  Who knows?  All I know is that I’ve discovered a new accessory and it’s kind of fun!

And by the way, remember those sugar cookies?  Remember how I told you the icing was too sweet for me?  After eating them the next day, and the one after that, I take it back. It’s absolutely perfect, and if I don’t stop eating sugar cookies, the scarf is going to be the only thing that fits my body.

Happy Thursday.

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