Scenes From Easter

Good morning! I hope you had a good weekend. We celebrated Easter with our family. Here’s some scenes from the weekend.My Pinterest inspired flower arrangements. (More on this, tomorrow.)

Dying Easter Eggs
My shirtless girl with her third favorite cousin.
The new and improved three dimensional bunny cake.  Good work, mom.
 The early Easter riser.The Easter Egg hunt line-up.
The loot.
The, I can’t stop to put my eggs in the bag or I might miss out, run.
The real Easter pose (and over-exposed picture). I’ve been experimenting with manual.
The family that couldn’t get their dog to pose with them.
The wild ones.
The grandchildren.
The failed attempt to get the timed family shot.  For some reason, my timer did not want to cooperate with me, yesterday. By the time I was able to get it back to a ten second delay, and thus give me an attempt to get in the shot, this happened:Which resulted in a naked girl, two filthy boys and children, who were anything but interested in posing for another picture.
The annual afternoon at the boardwalk.
The obligatory train ride.  The family. Happy Easter.

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