Sick Day? I Think Not.

Second Son was having some legitimate tummy troubles, yesterday.  Based on his appetite the last few days, I think he probably hadn’t been feeling well for longer than he admitted, but that’s just the way he rolls.  I decided that I would keep him home from school, today, to let’s just say, avoid any potential explosive situations. I really think he’s fine, though.

First Son decided that his stomach wasn’t feeling well, either.  Based on the fact that his brother had some funky stomach bug, I had to take his word for it, he’s also home, though, I’m pretty sure he’s fine, too.

Little Lady, she’s always home, except when she’s gone, two mornings a week, and then everyone is gone, and I enjoy some solitude or solo errand running.  Today, obviously, I didn’t.

It’s odd, when on a regular old school day, your older children are with you when you drop off and pick up your preschooler, especially when you explain to people (because people want to know) that they are sick, but yet, they are chasing each other on the lawn outside the school.

First Son has asked me to go the Apple Store about fifteen times (his iPod is broken), gotten into a fight with his younger sister over cars, stood behind me while I was checking my email (to ask me, indignatantly, if I was blogging because he wanted his lunch), and has used the word “Mommy” with a question mark on the end, about one hundred times.

Second Son wants to play iPod, do experiments, engage his brother in any activity possible, and has also used the word “Mommy?” about one hundred times.

One day, when I was young, I remember my mom asking us to stop calling her mommy. At the time, I thought it was funny.  I completely get it now.

Oh, and when they’re not doing any of the above, they’re fighting.

Can you tell I’m having a bad day?

I’m trying to rein in it and enjoy them, but I’m not quite there, yet.  In case you don’t know, my children (whom I love dearly) are high maintenance.  All of them.  Not one mellow, easy going one in the bunch.  Sure, my girl is different, I’ve explained that before, but she can still be pretty high maintenace with all her demands for nachos, and Bubble Guppies, and paints, and water, and juice, and Fish, right-this-very-minute!

Unfortunately, for them, I’m not feeling so crafty, motivated, or patient, today.  I took Zyrtec last night, in an effort to stop the incessant clicking in my throat. I think it’s bringing me down, today, and I need to be on my game.

I think the coffee pot is calling my name.



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