So Much Nothing

I have so much to write about, since the whole world seems to turn upside down during the holidays, but then, last Friday, Sandy Hook happened, and all my petty issues just became a whole lot of nothing.

I don’t often acknowledge current events on my blog, because although there are issues and policies that I feel passionate about, it’s not what my blog’s about.  But this story, the tragedy that unfolded in Sandy Hook is different, because I’m a mom.  And I’m not just a mom, but a mom of a six year old boy, whose classroom is located right next to the main office in his school.  I’m a mom to a boy, whose photo, could easily be swapped for one of those precious children that lost their lives.

I can’t make sense of tragedies like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook. I don’t see God anywhere, and I wonder how an all loving God could let children be terrorized by a madmen. I don’t understand how parents recover from losing a child, or know, if they ever do.

I think of those innocent boys and girls, trapped, scared and confused, and the tears flow and an ache fills my heart for the moms and dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends that have had pain thrust upon them, just as violently as their childrens’ lives ended, on a Sunny Friday, less than two weeks from Christmas.

There are no reasons.  There are no words. There is no sense to this tragedy.  There is only sorrow for the families that have to endure.

I am so sorry.


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