Some Friday Randomness

My family is dragging a bit today, but who wouldn’t be, after the book fair we attended last night.  When I was a kid, the book fair was a few portable shelves stationed in the foyer of the school that we would visit during our school day.  I used to love that break from the classroom to browse the shelves, coveting every Little Miss book I could find. Remember these?mr-men-little-miss-books-little-miss-chatterbox_200x200
The book fair has come a long way since then. Our Fall book fair, because yes, there are two, is also called Family Fun Night, and it lives up to its name. Sure, books are being sold in the library, but the action is in the multi-purpose room, where there is a photo booth, face painting, food, a popcorn machine, and live entertainment, which was pretty darn good. Add in a wine bar, and I think they could have packed the house. Little Lady, especially, had a blast! Of course, I think she could have fun at a funeral as long as there was face painting!


Because, apparently, my daughter feels very passionate about face painting. Of course, I sort of knew this, already.  Even as a three year old she happily endured a thirty minute wait at the Fall Festival to be turned into a cat.  Last night, we waited about twenty minutes in line, which I tried to talk her out of, since she was overdue for a bath.  But, she insisted on waiting, and even though she only got to enjoy her face for about twenty minutes, she was thrilled. She only asked that I take “one more picture” before it was all washed away.


By the way, do you see all that toilet paper on the floor in the first picture?  That was from the “mommy wrap,” (get it, mummy wrap), which eventually turned into toilet paper wars. The clean up crew definitely had their work cut out for them, I’m so glad I didn’t volunteer for that job!

In other news, the installers are coming, today, to finish up my garage doors.


I love these babies so much that I’m almost happy my old one’s broke.  Because even though I love houses, and all sorts of details on houses, like garage doors, it’s not something that we would replace in the name of curb appeal.  We have bigger fish to fry in that department, like replacing the faux Tudor look on my very un-Tudor like house, as well as the worn, brown roof, and a forty-five year old front door.

Moving on, I love this photo of my boys. IMG_1749They were having a contest to see who could hit the spotlight.  Though I have absolutely no regrets about moving, and love my neighborhood, I do miss the times (which was all the time) that my boys played with just each other.  Most days they are still together, but they are usually in a pack with all different factions. Before, it was like we were on an island in the sea and it was just these two. IMG_1470They only had each other in the neighborhood, and their good times together, definitely outweighed their fighting. I don’t know if I can say that now.

Little Lady and I also did some shoe shopping this week. Here’s her new kicks. IMG_1813

I love them so much that I want a pair for myself. However, buying these put me in a bit of a shoe dilemma.  My boys pretty much wear only sneakers. In the past, I might have pick up a fancier shoe for the holidays, if I knew the boys could get more than one hour of church wear out of them, but not anymore. It’s sneakers for everything, and if I time it right, I’ll buy a new pair right before the holidays, thus giving them “fancy” shoes, in that they are clean, to go with their increasingly less fancy holiday outfits.

However, buying shoes for Little Lady is proving to be a little more difficult.  She can’t wear these sneakers with dresses. I mean, technically, she could, but she’s not going to. For the last few years, I’ve been buying her Dakota Pedipeds, likes these, in varying colors.

pediped Flex Dakota Fuchsia Pic

They aren’t cheap, but I justified the cost in that they would match 99% of her outfits, even dresses. Then, I would buy a cheap pair of dress shoes for the holidays. But this year, since I wanted to start her in soccer, I felt she needed a true athletic sneaker.  So, now, I have to find shoes that she can run and climb in, that will go with her dressier attire. After all, my girl is not afraid of getting dirty (or mixing patterns). Btw, my oldest orchestrated this pose.  Maybe I should put him in charge of the Christmas card this year.

IMG_1472 Now, I’m off to make sure all the uniforms are washed for our weekend games, and the house tidied up, so it can get torn apart on the weekend. Isn’t it a never-ending cycle? And then, before I know it, the kids will be home and we’ll be off to Friday night soccer practice, happy, happy, happy! (PS: I love that show! Duck Dynasty if you don’t get the reference.)

At least the weather is still beautiful and I’ll be blessed with another great sunset. IMG_1466Happy Weekend!

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