Spring Fever

Just so you know, I started this post two days ago, here’s Part I:I don’t know if it’s the birds singing outside my window in the morning, or the warm weather flirting ever so subtly, but yesterday, I was feeling restless, definitely like I had spring fever.  I forgot about spring fever.

My house being a complete mess (of course), I decided to ignore the obvious and instead, do some paint touch ups, a project that has been begging to be completed, ever since my husband spackled up the many dings in the walls made by flying cars, a few weeks ago.

So, yesterday, with only twenty minutes to preschool pick up, I decided to start this ridiculous project, knowing full well that there was no way in hell I would finish before the kids got home.

Scratch that. I could have finished, if I had only stuck to the original plan, touch ups. But, sometimes, painting has a way of taking on a life of its own.

And so what started with one stripe of paint, just to see, turned into four hours of painting my muddy den to a very neutral off white, which turns out was not nearly enough time to complete the room.

As soon as I started, I regretted it.  Not because I regretted changing the color, but because I forgot what a monumental task painting can be, especially when you haven’t prepped anything.

As far as the color, I’m not loving it.  It’s SW Navajo White, but mixed in BM paint. This is the color in my foyer, hall, and kitchen.  I like it there (well, sort of, I have a love hate with it in my foyer depending on what time of day it is), but it’s neutral.  I usually like neutral.  This time, though, it’s not quite working for me.  In the den, which gets a lot of sun, it feels too cool and washed out, especially when in full light.  See, here’s the old wall on the right and the new wall on the left.  I like the old wall better.The color I painted over was an MAB paint color that didn’t have a name, only a number. This color has been on the walls since we moved in.  I lived with it, but not loved it, for five years.  At night, it’s warm and cozy.  In the day, not so much.  It wasn’t terrible, just not quite right, a little too muddy, a little bit too green in the undertone. You’ve seen pictures, but just in case you’ve forgotten…There’s no going back, now.  I have to make a change, which I suppose was my original intent when I painted that one lonesome stripe.  But that’s ok, because change is good, and the perfect antidote to a little bit of restlessness.

Keep those spring temps coming and have a good weekend!

That’s how the story originally ended.  I thought I’d be able to proofread and get that blog entry published by the end of the day on Friday.  No such luck.

Here’s Part II:

The temperatures dropped, (we even saw 10 minutes of snow), I put four different swatches of color on the wall, picked one, and then spent most of Saturday, painting.

I think I made a mistake.

In fact, last night as I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had simply changed the artwork, could have I avoided the whole painting job in the first place?

It’s not that I don’t like the color, Bleeker Beiger, because in a way, I do, I just think maybe it belongs somewhere else, like in my living room (another paint color I feel just so-so about). You see, as it stands now, it’s messing up the whole flow of my downstairs, where all the other walls are more creamy colored.  What’s worse, is that it’s making this monstrosity, which previously blended in with the wall color, stick out like an orange sore thumb.  We hate this armoire, it was a hand me down and served its purpose, but it’s never been our taste and it’s way too bulky.  But, we aren’t ready to trade it in for something new because we’re not ready to purchase another flat screen tv.  However, we know we eventually will get a flat screen, so we really don’t want to invest in a stand for this old tv, which will just become obsolete once we buy a new tv and mount it on the wall. Confused?  So am I.

And then, there are the kitchen cabinets, which never worked well with the creaminess of the current walls and would probably look better against the the new paint color in the den.  Throw in the fact that we want to sell the house and really, I just wish I never painted in the first place.

Except, the walls really needed painting.

My husband is sick of discussing this, he’s lying on the couch right now, trying to take a nap, which is an ideal weekend day for him.  He also thinks I’m crazy.  My kids don’t care what color the walls are, and my sister, who would appreciate this kind of discussion, lives too far to pop in and weigh in on the issue, hence me boring you all to tears with this post.

One thing is for sure, though, I can’t live with it as it is now.  I’m just not sure which direction to go in.  I could go full force and paint the kitchen walls, move the artwork from the living room (the picture on the left) to the den, find new artwork for the living room and then paint the ugly armoir black, or, paint the den a different color that will go with the kitchen, hall, and paintings, but then the color would still be off as far as the cabinets are concerned.  It’s a toss up.I think the next time I have spring fever, I’ll just go buy a new outfit or something.

Hope your weekend was more productive.

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  1. I forgot how dark your original color was until I saw that first picture of your den. I liked the lighter wall best (I think Navajo White). That other color was really dark. I think you’re second guessing too much and I don’t think you have to take a color all the way from the den to the kitchen unless you really want to.

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