Good Friday, friends! Today, is the first day of our very abbreviated spring break, thanks to Mother Nature. My boys are soaking up their video game time and actually enjoying each other’s company (for now). I’ll take what I can get.IMG_2419Please take note of the pajamas, Xbox controllers, iPods, and remote control, or as I like to refer to it, boy heaven.

IMG_4499It’s been a festive, busy week with Easter Parties, egg hunts, and shopping for Easter outfits, that can preferably be worn again. Unfortunately, Under Armour and Addidas aren’t making church clothes, so I had to go with the standard Polos.

Gone are the days (which weren’t many) of ties, vests, and button downs, unless they are repurposed from another event. Simple is in, at least for us. I’ve learned that stressing myself out for an hour of church, which is about how long my kids will stay dressed and cleaned, is a huge waste of time. Better to buy Polo shirts that can be worn out to dinner and on any other occasion we need to be sort of dressed for (which are few and far between).

Little Lady is still reaping the benefits of my friends and sister, who have girls, so she has a lot of dresses to choose from. She’s been coming down every morning dressed in one, even daring to wear sleeveless with her Uggs on our recent forty degree days (she’s a fashion renegade). Her fashion choices have been fairly annoying, since they are wildly at odds with the temperature, but today, it turned out to be pretty useful, since, I discovered that the white stockings that were practically packed away for Sunday had a hole in them. IMG_2431Target is calling our name.

The week before a holiday is always a busy one, yet, it always during this time that I decide to sign up to bring dessert for the school party. I guess I like to test my I thrive on stress theory. It was also during this time that I made the colossal mistake of allowing my daughter to peruse Pinterest with me for ideas. That’s how we ended up making these little dirt cups. IMG_2406Not that dirt is hard to make, but it does seem to be a little more complicated than your basic chocolate chip cookie, including cutting this edible grass that I found at Target, so cool. IMG_4473And while they may have taken a little extra work, having one of my fellow preschool parents refer to me as Martha Stewart made it all worth it. Obviously, they know me well. 😉

But I think the highlight of my week was the lacrosse egg scoop. IMG_4576There’s something about seeing your child in his element, i.e., hunting for chocolate, that just makes you proud (yet, simultaneously cringe when they clearly exceed the ten egg maximum). IMG_4602Look at that intensity! Needless to say he rocked it.IMG_2417I hope you all have a great Easter, warm weather, and if you, too are off this week, an awesome spring break!



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