Staring at My Christmas Tree

IMG_0712I am in my sitting room, if that’s what the room with no real purpose is to be called, staring at my Christmas tree, wasting my time on my computer, researching things such as botox, because, yes, I am sick of my frown lines, but of course, too chicken to do something about it.

This is how things looked two weeks, ago. IMG_0407Merry Christmas.

December was chaotic. In between hockey games and family obligations, there was so much to write about, so many useless points to belabor, such as ordering my new Christmas tree, debating the merits of a trampoline, menus for Christmas dinner, but I had neither the time nor will to write about any of it, thank goodness for Instagram.

A visit to my sister's for an early Christmas celebration.

A visit to my sister’s for an early Christmas celebration.


Gingerbread house making with lady's class.

Gingerbread house making with lady’s class.

A class party for my oldest with my first attempt at a pull away cupcake cake.

A class party for my oldest with my first attempt at a pull away cupcake cake.

Christmas came faster than I would have liked, and, then, we went away. Because I was so wired from the frantic days leading up to and including Christmas, I wanted nothing more than to be in Florida over winter break. I wanted to sit by a pool and relax. I wanted to spend the first day of the New Year in the sun.IMG_0627

I got my wish.IMG_0474

And a beautiful sunset.IMG_0636Then, after a long day of delays at the airport, with just me and the kids because my husband flew back Sunday, we finally made it home, Tuesday night. IMG_0703Now, I have returned and the aftermath awaits. My tree, which is never up after January 2nd, is still standing in all its mismatched glory, the mantle clothed in its garland and lights. The suitcases are still in the laundry room, half full, summer clothes strewn around the house, in need of being put away. There are things to be organized, tasks to do, items to be returned, and yet here I sit, on the computer, researching botox, which I may or may not ever work up the nerve to try.

I hope that writing this is the first step to shaking off the sense of inertia I am feeling, today, either that, or more coffee.

Happy New Year!



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