Still in Random Land

Hello!  I’m still here.  The good news, I found my camera.  The bad news, things are just as hectic and disorganized as usual. Besides moving into a new house and starting a new school year, October is a busy month.  My dear husband celebrates his birthday.Then, my Little Lady.Then, my neice, who hit double digits, and finally, my dad.In honor of all these birthdays, we had our first family get together in our barely-put together house. That’s the nice thing about family, they don’t care if your house is a mess, or at least they act like they don’t, which is just as good.

We’ve been in our new house for a little over a month, now, and even though it’s slowly coming together, it still does not feel like home.  All the pictures that worked in my last house, sit mostly on the floor in my living room, and most of the windows are still bare.  I’ve been trying to work on this room, the dining room/kitchen, hanging curtains that were previously in my bedroom, trying out rugs, and propping pictures on the wall, but it’s all pretty much in vain. We are removing most of the wall on the left (which you can’t see), so that you will be able to step down into the adjacent living room.  Until that is done, and a proper table bought to fill the space, it’s a little hard to decorate.  But, since we need someone else, i.e. a carpenter, to take down the wall, we have to wait for him.  In the meantime, I’d just like to make the room comfortable. Doesn’t the random Swifter and Halloween decorations really give the room that certain something?

So, besides STILL unpacking, and running around like crazy with my kids, as well as, working on school parties, yes, I volunteered to be a room parent because I didn’t have enough to do, already, here is a little of what you missed.  At the end of August, I celebrated, yet another, birthday.  Botox, anyone? We saw Bruce Springsteen, courtesy of my mom and dad. Face powder, anyone? I reunited with dear friends for my friend’s baby shower.And, decided that I don’t have a green thumb.  This is what became of my vegetable garden. Don’t ask me what happened.  It was looking so promising, but, of the five tomatoes it produced, none survived.  The one watermelon, I picked too soon.  And the miracle grow flowers?  Well, while it did produce this beautiful bloom, ….here’s the long shot.  Need I say more?

The kids are still enjoying the neighborhood.  Along with a welcome home sign and some balloons, we bought the kids scooters that we’re waiting on the front lawn for them, the first day they arrived at the house.

It did not take long for Little Lady to master hers.  The boys love theirs too, but they also enjoy riding down the front lawn and skidding out in the street. Little Lady has officially become a lip gloss lover, thanks to a birthday present from one of my friends, though, she may be getting a little carried away. And just to give you an idea, of how stress can wreak havoc on the brain, lately, I’ve had trouble locating my car in parking lots.  Something that is very annoying and sometimes alarming for someone (not to brag), who has a great sense of direction.  The other day, it was so bad, that after wandering through Target parking lot for at least three minutes, I decided to hit my alarm.  Here’s where my car was.Right behind me, that close. Talk about feeling stupid.

That’s it for now.  I look forward to the days that I can blog, again, on somewhat of a regular basis, but Little Lady, my house, and the laundry all beckon.


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