Surviving President’s Day

Dead Presidents and Mother Nature are conspiring against me today, keeping me locked in a house with crazy little people, who when left to their own devices, will tease and fight mercilessly all in the name of entertainment.  I’m going to have to step up my game today if we’re going to survive, because this is how our day is going so far.Round I: It’s a battle folks, over MY iPod. I have set first son up so that he can play Words with Friends with his cousin and grandma, as well as ping them.  Second son, very aware that he is missing something (you see that look on his face), wants the iPod more than ever. I think it sat in a drawer for two months, but has now become a hot commodity, even to little lady.  No one wins, iPod taken.Round II: Can we play Wii, mom? No school, no problem. Except, they never actually play Wii, because they spend so much time fighting over who is going to be the number one controller (I think his evil smile says it all), that after second son takes the controller to first son’s head and first son reciprocates, I step in. No one wins, Wii gone.Round III: What’s this, a little down time? Little lady is playing nicely by herself in the den, first son is pinging his cousin upstairs in his room. Second son can’t take it! He needs someone, anyone, to play with HIM! . When he has no luck trying to goad little lady into following him because he is bored, which is the only time he wants little lady around, he goes upstairs to work on his brother. After five minutes of yelling and door slamming, his plan works, first son is down in the mix, little lady, unable to resist the lure of horse play abandons what she is doing and they are all running laps around the house. At least they are playing together, you say? Not for long, it only takes minutes before second son is crying and it all goes to hell again, game over, no one wins.Round IV: First son and second son nicely setting up trick tracks (it’s a Hot Wheels thing) in first son’s room.  Little lady, unable to ignore the fun upstairs, tries to join in, bad idea. Within minutes, she is crying, second son is holding court like a king, bossing her around and first son is frustrated because she is ruining the tracks. They all leave the room, game over, no one wins.

Round V: Can we watch SpongeBob? So far, so good. I love you SpongeBob SquarePants. I know it won’t last long, but maybe this will give me a chance to get through the paper and finish my coffee, lord knows I’m going to need it today.

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