T-Ball and Other Loose Ends

I have to do a follow up on Friday’s blog, because I was smiling reading the comments, and yet slightly horrified.  The horrifying part, that yes, as my dear friend and sister assure me, people are probably staring at my teeth.  What the hell do I do now?  Tell everyone and anyone, like the guy who works in the Wegmans liquor store, in response to his question as to whether I wanted to sample some wine, that I can’t because I have Invisalign (damn Invisalign).  And then, have to endure the too much information look? The guy couldn’t get away from me fast enough, it was pretty awkward. Forget the fact that I had two kids with me, last week it was just too much work to take the trays out even for free samples of wine.

Or, do I say nothing and let people wonder, like my friends and I used to wonder about this weird woman we once knew, “What the hell does she have in her mouth?”  I mean little lady is hitting the preschool circuit next year and I have a whole new set of parents to meet, do I really want to be the talk of the parking lot?

Of course, there is a chance that they are wrong (or that I’m just self consumed), because I used to talk to a woman everyday who had Invisalign.  Had she not pointed it out to me, I wouldn’t have ever known.  My mom has this theory that she likes to remind me of whenever I’m agonizing over what to wear to some occasion, or lamenting the fact that I don’t have the right accessories.  Her theory is that everyone’s so consumed with themselves that they don’t even pay attention to what you’re wearing (so which one does that make me, the worried one or the self consumed one?).

Ok, so maybe she’s a little cynical (you didn’t think my cynicism came out of nowhere, did you?), but she may be right.  After all, just today my sister told me that she couldn’t remember what I was wearing on Easter.  And no, I wasn’t putting my mom’s theory to the test, I was just trying to describe an outfit I might wear while in Rhode Island for my brother’s wedding.  Of course, I couldn’t tell you what she was wearing on Easter either. Or, it might just be that people only pay attention when something’s amiss.  Like in “Did you see what she was wearing?” or “What the hell is on her teeth?”

It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one with crazy kids (stakes out of crib bars, now that’s some ingenuity!) and that my sister isn’t the only one crazy enough to bring a puppy into a house full of young kids, and just for the record I am a dog lover.  So let me just say to my cousin and his wife, good luck with that!  When we finally meet at the wedding, don’t bring up the dog to my sister (unless of course she’s had a few drinks and is feeling sentimental, because then she’ll talk all mushy about him) or else you might just get on the phone and cancel that doggie order right in the middle of the reception. But enough about Friday and crazy kids and even crazier dogs…yea, that means you, buddy!

On to the weekend (at least to part one of the weekend, I’ve got some laundry that, unfortunately, isn’t going to wash itself). Tee-Ball has come to an end and some of us couldn’t be happier. Can you guess who?  Poor girl, that was her second game of the day.

I made sure I took the camera along with me to capture second son’s last day of his first year of baseball, but when I tried to take pictures during warm ups he just wanted me to shoot him doing a cartwheel…which pretty much sums up tee ball when you’re five.
Nice job, though, especially while wearing a glove!  Thankfully, during the game he left the gymnastics behind and got a nice hit followed by the ultimate prize, the trophy.  I’m pretty sure second son would sign up for ballet if it guaranteed him a trophy. Life is good!  Happy Monday!


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