After three weeks, much cursing, and consulting a divorce attorney (kidding!), the back splash is completed.  My husband says he’s throwing away the mastic, since he will never complete another tiling project again…while married to me.  Let’s just say, Young House Love (a popular blog for those not familiar), we ain’t.

But even he can’t deny how good it looks!What do you think?The close up.Pretty snazzy, huh?

Now that it’s complete (except for some caulk lines and new outlet covers) I wanted to share some advice, in case you’re thinking of tiling your own back splash.  Here’s some things you will need to know:
1.  Despite what the chick on the DIY YouTube video says, this is not a great project to practice your tiling, before tackling a bigger job, like a shower (and you will not look like her while tiling, because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do any of the work herself).
2.  This is not a weekend project, unless of course, you are a professional tile layer by trade (and even then, I’m not so sure).
3.  Make sure you and your husband are on good terms before starting any home renovation project, or else, something like crooked lines, will send you over the edge and you will be placing that phone call (see paragraph one).
4.  If you had dreams of one day competing on The Amazing Race with your husband, but, neither one of you cannot get through a tiling project without mumbling (something that’s best left mumbled) under your breath, 1999 times, you should probably just let that dream die.
5.  DIY projects are best completed by (in this order) professionals, single people, and couples with no children.
6.  You’ll know you’re near the end (and officially lost it) when your husband starts grouting by hand, claiming his hand to be a much superior tool to any float ever invented. At this point, your wife will start having inappropriate giggle fits, while completely agreeing with the hand assessment, thus causing you both to dream of hitting it big some day with your new invention, the hand grouter.
7.  And finally, my last, and probably most important piece of advice, if at all possible, pay someone else to do it.

Have a good one. I might have to change my header now!


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