Teenage Wasteland

So when does it all change?  Is it gradual?  Or, is it when you have kids, a property, a mortgage, a threat of lawsuits?  When do you become the adult who’s calling the cops on the kids that seem to think it’s ok to walk through YOUR woods, and park in front of your house, to get to some mysterious party place deep in the woods, that you don’t own, but are adjacent to your woods.  By the way, this is exactly why I hate the woods.  They hide too much.

I haven’t called yet, but my neighbor did.  Unfortunately for us, though, they think we did, because it was I, queen big mouth, who was out there yelling at the boy who peed on my property, yeah, in full daylight.  And at the girl, who claims she lives in my neighborhood, to which I said, then why are you parked in front of my house (with the other six cars)? Do you think she ran away scared?  No!  She sassed me back, basically informing me that she had a right to be in these woods and who cared whose house she was parked in front of.  You know what?  I care.  Same with the other stoner, yeah, don’t think we don’t all get the message as we watch you walking out of the woods in your tie-dyed t-shirt, munching on a bag a chips.  After I told him to stay off our property, the jackass walked right back through.  Seriously, the nerve!  My husband thinks I’m inviting retribution, though he thought we should call the cops, too, but my initial intent at yelling at them wasn’t to get them in trouble.  I just wanted them to stay off our property.  Now, I have to fear mob style revenge?  What the hell is happening in this world?  Kids are supposed to do stupid things, but adults are supposed to tell on them.

Look, I was a teenager, and not an angelic one.  I don’t know too many teenagers who didn’t get into trouble, but if a woman came out and started yelling at me, I would have ran!  Fast!  These kids weren’t afraid.  I know I’m not very tall, and maybe I didn’t look that intimidating hanging over the railing of my deck with a glass of wine in my hand, but I’m way over twenty-one and it’s my yard.  (I don’t think I’m the one who should be judged here!)  I’ve heard about kids having a sense of entitlement these days, but this is ridiculous.

So, when did it happen?  When did I decide that those “bastards” better stay off our property or I’m calling the police?  When did my husband decide that I (you notice how he was pushing it on me) should go out there and snap all their license plates with my iPhone? When did we become so uncool?  I’ll tell you when, when we started having to pay the insurance on our house.  When it started to become a repeat affair.  When we realized that the teen party-goers, whooping it up through our woods, could sue us. When we realized that they might pull away from their party in the woods, and I, or someone else, might meet them later, on the road, when running out for milk.  I could go on and on, but I don’t think I need to, because if you’re reading this, you’re not a teen anymore and you know what I mean.

I know teens will be teens, and I know my kids will be teens one day, too, looking for places to party.  But, when they get caught doing something bad, by some crazy lady toting a glass of wine, I expect them to run, because they know that they are doing something wrong, not talk back to the adult (crazy lady) reprimanding them. I expect them to be worried that the adult might call the cops, not go back to their partying.  At least, then, I’ll know that I have raised them right, not like the punky teens running through my woods.

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  1. You haven’t told me this story yet. I totally agree that teens these days have no fear of adults and how did that happen now that we’re they adults. I was in Marshall’s today and some teen was talking on his phone so loudly and saying several choice words and I was so glad my kids weren’t with me. And I thought to myself, I bet if I said something to him, he would totally start yelling at me. You know at our house, the cops would have been called- several times- and license plate pictures would have been taken. But we’re definitely ‘uncool’.

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