That’s Her Story and She’s Sticking To It

I picked Little Lady up from school, yesterday, only to be greeted by the teacher who told me that she had had “little problem” with the Lady and that she wanted to let me know, in case Little Lady started talking about it at home (obviously, she doesn’t know the Lady). Immediately, I thought potty issues, or that she had hurt herself and they were giving me a heads up.  All “little problems” I have heard the teacher discuss with other moms.

Boy, was I wrong.

Little Lady got a time out.  For hitting.  After she had been warned three times to stop.

Little Lady?  Maybe, I should change her moniker to Little Bully.

The teacher was cheery enough about it.  She said she didn’t think she was actually trying to hurt someone as much as rough house.  She also said, Little Lady reminded her of how her three older brothers used to play, tackling and wrestling.  Older brothers….I knew they figured into this story, somehow.

But of course, the teacher said she could not have that type of behavior in the classroom, which apparently Little Lady only believed after she got her time out.  The teacher then added, that she really thought Little Lady was starting to show her true colors, describing her as very chatty.

All I have to say, is thank goodness it took her until May to come out of her shell.  With three weeks before the end of school, I’d like to end the year on a good note.  You know, the note I was originally upset about, the shy, thoughtful, quiet Little Lady that they believed her to be.

While I was shocked about the time-out, I was only mildly amused by Little Lady’s explanation, of which there was none.  In fact, not only was their no explanation, she was in outright denial that anything happened.  She even went so far as to blame someone else in the class. When I called Little Lady’s bluff and told her I was going to call the girl’s mom to let her that her daughter was pushing my daughter, she told me I should.

Did I mention I was holding her when her teacher gave me the time-out report?

I changed my tactics throughout the day, questioning her about her behavior and subsequent time out, gently trying to lead her from the girl she was blaming to herself, but she never faltered. In fact, I think she’s actually starting to believe her own story.

Who says children don’t lie?

Her behavior at school has proved great fodder for her brothers, particularly Second Son, who kindly informed each and every one of our family members, including me, just in case I forgot, that Little Lady got a time out at school.  Unfortunately, he was also standing with me when the teacher informed us of our littlest member’s indiscretions.

Trust me, it is not lost on me that my most difficult, obstinate child is the only one who has never gotten in trouble at school.  I remind myself of this when I am lying in bed at night, wondering if I am doing something wrong with him. Turns out, he’s doing just fine.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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