The Atlantic City Air Show=Awesome

I love a good air show.  Or rather, I should say I love a good Atlantic City air show, since I’ve never been to any other one.  I almost made it to one, once, when I was younger, and my dad, feeling rather ambitious for my dad, decided to take us to an air show at an Air Force base.  Except, we never made it there.  After spending an eternity on a one lane road, that stretched as far as the eye could see, my dad (I’m sure muttering something about a jackass), did a k-turn and headed back home.  So what if we were looking forward to an air show that we were probably forced to go to in the first place? No amount of aeronautic acrobats was going to convince my father to wait in that line. No wonder I am such a patient human being.

We never talked about the air show again (oh, so not true, to this day, we still remind my dad about it) and so, I thought air shows were something only other people enjoyed. Then, a few years back, Atlantic City decided to host it’s own air show, called Thunder Over the Boardwalk. Like someone trying to recover a long lost piece of their past, I just had to go. It’s been a tradition ever since.Let me tell you the best thing about Atlantic City’s air show, it’s on the beach, which in my humble opinion, is the only place to truly watch an air show.  Who wants to be sitting on a hot tarmac when you could be swimming in the sea? Certainly, not me.  And though I can’t say for sure, I think being near the ocean lessens my chances of getting killed if there were to be some sort of mishap, which, by the way, would not surprise me at all, considering the dare devil maneuvers these pilots perform.  They fly so close to each other, in and out, upside down, high in the sky, cutting engines, going into free falls, that it is truly awe inspiring and thrilling.  Some of the planes, if you can believe it, even sneak up on you, scaring the living heck out of you (and your children) with their loud engines. I love it!  I can’t quite say the same for everybody else.

Another great thing about Atlantic City’s air show, you don’t have to sit directly in front of where the action takes place to get a good view, which means you don’t necessarily have to wait in a line on the Atlantic City Expressway to get there, possibly saving future generations, after three hours in a car, from being scarred by their own k-turn incident.

We usually watch the show from the first block of Atlantic City.  How does one know when they are in Atlantic City?  Well, look for at least one crazy person (this year we brought our own), one drunk person, and at least one person inappropriatelydisciplining their kids, and then, you will know you are there.  Just kidding, well, sort of, I forgot to mention the tattoos, too. Of course, I suppose you could always just look for the signs, but what fun would that be?

Even better, the weather gods shined down on me this week, bringing rain every day that I had my kids in a Mad Science camp, except for Wednesday, the day of the air show, when you just couldn’t get a more perfect sky. Everyone was happy, including this lovely lady who thought that air shows were just for losers.  Happily, she was proven wrong.

As my mom pointed out, and I wholeheartedly agree, something about watching an air show, makes you proud to be an American (all that fossil fuel wafting into the air ruining the climate).  Sorry, I’m feeling rather feisty today.  I’m always proud to be an American, and I’m not even from a red state.  Just feisty, I tell you!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I’m emailing from Health & Life Magazine. We are a regional lifestyle magazine in NY & NJ with a circulation of 750,000 readers. We are doing a great little story on garden state excursions and mention the Atlantic City Airshow. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind us using the great photo of the backs of 2 boys looking at the planes in our story, in return for on-page photo credit (ex: photo courtesy of Melissa xxxx,…or just your name, whatever you prefer).

    If you are amenable to this would you mind emailing me with your full name for the credit? Teh image file online is large enough, so you do not need to supply me with the original.

    Thank you so much,

    Health & Life Magazine
    Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Ave., Montvale, NJ 07645
    phone: 201.930.5866

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