The Auto Show (and a Lesson on Bugattis)


With all this snow, we haven’t had much street hockey, so this past weekend we found ourselves with some free time and headed over to the car show. You know how some things seem like a good idea at the time, but then only become a good idea, again, after a few years have passed. Yea, that’s the car show. We hadn’t been there in a few years, which was just enough time for me to forget how these outings really go.

What started out with enthusiasm, quickly faded, two minutes in, as soon as Second Son’s iPod died and he was no longer able to take pictures. Which probably wouldn’t have mattered one bit if his brother’s iPod wasn’t fully charged. But his brother’s iPod was fully charged, and so while my oldest was enthusiastically snapping away at every car they usually only see on their Need for Speed video game, my middle son was complaining that he was bored and ready to go home. This all happened in first room we entered, the Dub portion of the show, otherwise known as the tricked out cars section.  As if Second Son’s bad attitude wasn’t enough, we lost Little Lady just as quickly, after she was assaulted with the heart thumping bass of car stereos that could seemingly rock a stadium. Hands over her ears, she declared she wanted to go home. Good times!

But, slowly, it got better. IMG_2068They got to get sit in the driver seat of some cars, that maybe a thousand people had sat in before them (hand sanitizer, please), pretend to drive motorcycles, got free posters and have snacks (of course).IMG_2060And, then, it got worse, again.

Moody Oldest Child: “What? There’s no Bugattis?! I want to see the Bugattis!”
Annoyed Husband:  “Stop hitting your sister with the poster! That poster’s going in the trash if you don’t stop it!”
See poster (and Middle Son’s enthusiasm) in picture below.IMG_2075Whiney Daughter: “I’m sweaty!”
Complaining Middle Child: “I have a headache and I’m hungry!”
Exasperated Mom: “You just ate!” (Me)
Panicked, On the Verge of Crazed Mom: “Where’s your sister?! Where’s your sister!? Oh, my God! WHERE IS YOUR SISTER!”
Much Calmer Husband: “Found her.”

And, then, it got better, again, because once you think you lost your child and then find her, well, nothing else really matters, does it.

Husband: “Where’d we park?”
Me: “We’ll figure it out.”

A few blocks in the city snow. Who cares? We all got home together, in front of the fireplace, with the new mirror and cute banner, ate some pizza, and watched the Olympics.

It was a good day.

*In case you were wondering, this is a picture of a Bugatti. bugatti-16C-galibier-concept-rear-three-quarterIf you’re wondering why you never heard of one or seen one on the roads, here’s why (I lifted this article from ):  Here’s a general idea of how much it costs to own a Bugatti Veyron.

The first $2,500,000 (MSRP for a Veyron) you send to Bugatti is just the beginning of a long list of bills you’ll rack up owning this exclusive supercar. Some owners peg yearly running costs at around$300,000 a year! So if you’re in the market for one of these, here are some facts to consider.

  • $350,000 is the initial down payment according to Bugatti that you have to have in order to even consider buying one.
  • $24,000 is what it costs to lease a Bugatti Veyron on a monthly basis. But there are a few caveats. You can only drive 2500 miles a year(technically 7 miles a day) and you can lease only for 5 years.
  • $40,000 is what it’s going to cost you just to deliver your Veyron to American shores. Yes, for the price of a 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupe, yours is just delivered.
  • $2500 is the average monthly insurance that one owner reported on their Bugatti Veyron.
  • $140 is the average price for a fillup of gas in the United States. City gas mileage is 8 and highway isn’t much better at 13. The 1001 horsepower 16.4 liter engine is a thirsty beast and with gas hovering around $5 a gallon and your 26.4 gallon fuel tank, fill-ups alone are around $140.
  • And upon delivery, there are certain maintenance items you are required under contract to do which includes a routine annual maintenance of $20,000, detailing services around $10,000, a wheel and tire replacement every 10,000 miles with a price tag of $50,000 for a set of tires.

Now that $300,000 yearly maintenance comes into perspective. But if you’re considering buying a Bugatti Veyron in the first place, money doesn’t really seem like such a problem anyway.

Source: Secret Entourage




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