The Ball is Rolling!

There’s some pretty exciting stuff going on around here. My baby brother (who looks nothing like a baby, or my little brother) is getting married. Unfortunately, he lives out of state. What can you do? His fiancee is a news reporter and that’s where she works. A few years ago, my brother joined her, and now he works (and of course lives) there too. I’m always happy if he’s happy, but sometimes, I miss my little brother. He’s eight years younger than me, ten years younger than my sister. When you have a sibling that is that much younger than you, you tend to treat them more like your child and not your sibling. Except, we didn’t really raise him, that would be our mom, and I dropped him on his head a few times, but you know what I mean. I’m not sure if he likes when I say things like that, especially when lately I have been consulting him so much concerning my blog (he has his own show, you can check him out on or ), and it is me who he is talking to like a child, but that’s how we’ve always felt about him. My sister and I love him unconditionally and for the most part, he can do no wrong in our eyes, but don’t tell him I said that, I don’t want him to get a big head.

This is a picture of my brother and his soon to be lovely wife, taken right after they got engaged. They had the good fortune to run into the only other person at that particular lighthouse that day and asked him to take a picture of them with their iphones. My brother is romantic, but not very prepared. As luck would have it, the stranger was a professional photographer. He felt sorry for them and took some pictures with his camera and emailed them to my brother for free!  I think that guy must have some good karma coming his way. (I don’t know why I’m telling you this story because this is the iphone picture.  I just thought it was nice story.) Anyway, in honor of his upcoming wedding, my sister and I, along with my mom (though she is too much a slave to etiquette to admit this) are throwing my brother and his soon to be wife, a Jack and Jill shower. Her three lovely sisters will be throwing her a shower where they live. Our shower will be in the town we grew up in and will be for friends of my brother’s as well as our side of the family. We wanted to do this because we have uncles, aunts and cousins who have not met her and wouldn’t have been able to attend an out of state shower, and because of course, we think she is just great!  Not only that, but my sister and I both have small children and it would have been hard to manage getting there.  You know, who goes? Probably, everyone.  Who stays behind? No one, because none of my children like to be left out. Do we fly? Expensive. Do we drive? It’s a long drive with kids. Where should we stay? Have I told you what bad sleepers my boys are?

Two showers, the perfect solution! Though, I must confess, today, after once again being woken up at five a.m. and cooking three meals, and washing all the dishes that comes with cooking three meals, doing three loads of laundry and running here and there, I was starting to question this decision. I thought it might have been nice to hop a flight with little lady, sleep in a hotel for two nights with my good sleeper and enjoy a nice dinner out with no worries of food allergies or bored children. Little lady is a trooper, but that is neither here nor there, because we’re having a party and I’m excited. I love a good party. Today, we picked out the invitations and ordered them from I have ordered note cards from them before and have been happy with the quality.  Now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t make any mistakes. Have you ever proofread something five times and still missed an error? Well, I have, and if your reading my blog, you’ve witnessed it too. I wanted to include the invitation in my post, because it’s pretty, but there was no way to edit it once I pasted it in, and well, there was just way too much information to post on the world wide web. Surely, you understand.

So, the ball has started rolling.  Before you know it, it will be March and we will be scrambling to create a menu, favors, decorations, a cake, and of course cocktails. Most importantly, though, I will get to see my little brother and his lovely soon to be bride.  I can’t wait!

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