The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms

So, you know how I agonized, and agonized, and agonized over the decision of where to send Little Lady to preschool, next year?  Turns out it was a total waste of time.

They have no space in their morning class, which is a total deal breaker.

Trust me, I have nothing against PM pre-k, Second Son did it for pre-k and kindergarten and I loved it.  But, next year, First Son moves to a new school, which dismisses at the same time as pm preschool.

If I factor in bus time, technically, I could make it to Little Lady’s pick up and the bus stop, BUT, it is rarely that simple.

The fact of the matter is that there are some days when the boys can’t take the bus. CCD and piano start twenty five minutes after I pick them up from school.  If  I waited for the bus, we’d always be late, and even if we just made it, they would miss their precious snack before activities, which I pack for them on pick up days. Oh, the horror!

And let me tell you a little something else about pick-up, which makes PM a deal breaker. People around here line up for pick up, like their lining up for a rock concert.  Get there twenty minutes early and you’ll still find yourself 10th in the car line. I’ve come to the conclusion that some parents have nothing better to do but sit in their car and wait for their kids to get out of school.

Now, what to do?  Well, I registered her for the public school program, which has no deposit fee, but only has openings for thirty kids.  That’s for both morning and afternoon, which means I’ll have to wait to see if there is even room for her.  She’s still registered for her current school, which is becoming more and more annoying to drive to.  And, today, I potentially threw away another fifty dollars and registered her for, what I perceived to be, the overly academic preschool, in hopes that I could still get her a spot in a school in town.  On the upside, maybe she’ll be speaking fluent Mandarin by kindergarten.

Of course, it’s been three weeks since I visited that school, by now, they might be out of morning spots, too.

So, it’s really not up to me, anymore.  It’s up to lotteries, enrollment numbers, and luck. It’s a parenting lesson that I relearn every few months, we are never in control over as much as we would like to be, and worrying is a waste of time.

All the worrying in the world never changed the outcome of one single thing.

As for the basement, progress continues.  Today, is day 8.  We passed our electrical inspection, so tomorrow, they will start sheet rocking. Yeah!



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