The Devil is in the Details

IMG_4660I love a good Groupon or Living Social offer. I’ve purchased Groupons for massages, go-kart racing, museum tickets, and New Balance sneakers. I found a cleaning service and tickets to the Cirque on Living Social. My most recent purchase on Living Social was for Monster Jam tickets, which if you’re not familiar with Monster Jam, it’s like professional wrestling for trucks.IMG_1187Cars, trucks, and trick tracks were an everyday backdrop to my life, and prominent figure in my boys’ lives for a long, long, time. IMG_3614My kids loved their Hot Wheels and monster trucks, racing and lining them up, endlessly. IMG_1021Like a sad scene from Toy Story, though, they are now, for the most part, regulated to big bins in their closets, but still, no one will part with their cars. Their obsession with cars and trucks has not ended, just shifted to racing games like Forza 5, posters on their walls, oohs and aahs at Ford Raptors and souped up Mustangs passed on the road, and almighty reverence for the McLaren.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband took the boys to a local raceway to watch funny cars and drag races, and the boys loved it. But after Little Lady arrived, drag racing and monster truck shows weren’t an ideal family outing.

But Little Lady’s older now, so when I saw the $12 offer for Monster Jam tickets on Living Social, I jumped on it. Sixty dollars for a fun family night out seemed pretty cool to me.

Except, it wasn’t sixty dollars.

It was a $130 dollars, which I’m embarrassed to admit, I didn’t even notice until my husband pointed it out on the receipt.

You know, they say the devil is in the details, and well, I’ve never been much of a detailed oriented person. I much prefer the bigger picture. Had I been a more detail oriented person, someone, who let’s say, might have read the fine print, then I would have seen somewhere on the page where it talked about a $12.35 ticket fee.

Yes, that’s right, there was a fee, for I don’t know what, tacked onto each ticket, that cost more than the actual ticket itself! ┬áSo much for a bargain.

Since that night, I have tried to go back over my purchase to find out what I paid a fee for, even consulting my old friend, the Internet, for answers. But for the life of me, I can’t find anything. Which is crazy, since I have never been able to ask the Internet a question that hasn’t already been asked (which makes me feel so common, but anyway….).

In the end, Monster Jam was fun. The boys thought it was awesome. Little Lady got a little more enthused than I would have thought, even standing on her chair, at one point, pulling me out of my seat in an effort to catch t-shirts being launched into the crowd.IMG_3857In between the truck contests, there was a best of three dirt bike racing series, Philadelphia vs. the visiting team, St. Louis, that was complete with trash talking, insults, and Eagle’s bashing, hence the WWE atmosphere. This only made the kids love it more.

And I can’t forget the fire breathing dragon vehicle that ate a car. That was interesting.IMG_3854My husband thought it would have been way cooler if we had seen the show in a larger arena, my boys thought it was cool that two of the trucks flipped, and my daughter thought it was cool that the dog truck was driven by a girl (and that there was even a dog truck in the first place). IMG_3859As for me, I thought it was cool to spend a fun night out with my family.IMG_3855Would we have went if I knew the tickets were actually $24 a piece instead of $12? No way. But it was a family friendly (believe it or not), fun time for the kids. Just make sure you bring your headphones, because it is loud.


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