The Downside of Tile

So, it turns out there’s a downside to not having pink carpeting in one’s bathroom, actually, two down sides, the floor is now ice cold, and it already looks dirty, not that the pink carpet was clean.  It’s just that rugs can cause one (me) to become delusional, letting one (me) believe that just because they don’t look dirty, they are clean.

So not true.

My first, little, beloved house, in my beloved, little home town, taught me that carpets had a lot to hide.  Unlike our previous rental, which was completely carpeted, our first house had beautiful wood floors, and a hundred pound dog roaming around on them, which often made for crunchy floors.  The dog went out, the dog came in, he never once wiped his paws on the mat (bastard).  And then, there were the dust bunnies, that would appear out of nowhere and multiply, well, like bunnies.

However, crunchiness and dust, not to mention the cold temperature in the winter, did not dampen my love for wood floors.  In fact, it only made me love them more. Not only could I see the dirt, but I could also see it being swept and then mopped, away.

Call me naive, but I never realized the amount of dirt and dust that accumulated on floors until there were no rugs to hide it.  I mean, sure, you vacuum, but how much is that vacuum really sucking up?  I can guarantee you not as much dirt as swiffing and mopping a wood floor.

That’s not to say that I didn’t miss my carpets.  I distinctly remember, while I was convalescing at my mom’s house, after first son was born,  stepping out of the shower onto her non-crunchy carpets and feeling warm, soft, and comfortable.  At that moment, I wished I had carpeting in my bedroom (and that I didn’t have a dog).

When we moved to Florida, I traded my wood floors for tile floors, and I have to tell you, though they could be hard on the feet, I loved the tile.  Once a week, I would get out the mop, and in no time, everything was clean.  Throw-up, no problem, spilled juice, easy, dog poop, gross, but still a piece of cake, just get out the mop and it was gone.  The downside of tile, not very child friendly.  Second son’s head greeted the floor more than I would have liked, a combination of a jealous two year old and a wobbly infant.

One house later, there’s carpet almost everywhere, including the mud room and master bathroom (until recently).  I’m surprised there isn’t carpet in the kitchen the way these people, whom I believe owned a carpet store (not kidding), loved carpet.

I got used to rugs, once again, especially since it meant a soft surface for the kids to play and fall on.  But, as the kids have gotten older and more independent, the rug isn’t so desirable anymore, especially when they’re running in and out all the time.  For the most part, we don’t wear shoes in the house, but I can’t stop every scenario (especially when they have friends over) where shoes go from the outside in, multiple times.  On those days, I can’t help but think of all the dirt and crap that’s going on the carpet. Then, as I watch my kids lay and play on the rug, all I can think is yuck!

Which brings me back to the bathroom and its stained, bleached out, gross pink rug. Even though it didn’t look too pretty, I was still operating under the premise that if I vacuumed it, it was somehow clean.  Now that it’s gone, I’m reminded, once again, that that wasn’t really the case.  I guess I’m willing to suffer a little cold flooring and extra mopping for cleanliness.

Now, time to go buy a steam cleaner for the rest of the house.

3 thoughts on “The Downside of Tile

  1. Totally agree! In fact, a month ago we rented a carpet cleaner and only really did the stairs and the den rug. The water that was extracted after cleaning was disgusting! I mean completely dirty. I knew there were some stains on my rug but didn’t think it was that bad. I would rip the rest of the carpet out of all the rooms but the kids like to have a soft surface to play on.

  2. Try cork flooring. I have it in my bedroom and love it. Sure, it can dent a bit and you have to put felt pads under all your furniture, like with wood, but it feels great under your bare feet. It’s like having a solid surface carpet. It’s warm even in winter but you sweep/vacuum and damp mop it. It also has great sound insulating qualities. I too hate carpet, you can never get it clean. The only thing I would do different is get the natural colored cork, not a stained cork.

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