The Endless Summer Finally Ended

It’s true, my kids finally went back to school. Which is good, since for a moment there, it was starting to feel like it wasn’t going to happen. Of course, I knew they would eventually go back, but after Labor Day came and went and I still had two more days until school started (for a measly two days and then broke again for the weekend) it was really beginning to feel like the endless summer.

I mean how was I supposed to feel melancholy over summer ending when I woke up on Tuesday and it was still going? Tuesday morning started out promising, with my children happily playing Legos, but quickly morphed into an all out battle of the siblings. Worse, many of our summer shore dwelling neighbors weren’t back in town, yet, which meant no one to play with, which I really don’t understand. They do have each other. What was the point of having three kids if they won’t even entertain each other?

But, alas, Thursday arrived in all its glory, the big yellow bus appearing on the horizon, like a beacon of hope, to pick my kids up and deliver them from the world of Minecraft to an actual world of learning. It was magical.

Happy Back to School!IMG_3673

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