The Frivolous and Fun

In honor of Valentine’s Day, in honor of the frivolous, in honor of fun, and in honor of not taking life too seriously, I bring you a week of the frivolous and fun.  We got off to an easy start.  One Lovely Little Lady that I know and love, celebrated a birthday.  Is my niece adorable or what?

Nothing celebrates the big 0-5, like a party at a fun center. Of course, First Son had fun, but that’s not saying much, he can have fun anywhere.  I don’t think you’re supposed to go down that way.And he had fun, too, but I didn’t see that much of Second Son, he prefers his daddy kind of fun, like playing air hockey and other boy games (when he’s not begging for change, so he can try and win prizes).

Little Lady had fun too, but, when she’s around her big girl cousins she always has fun. It’s like girl nirvana.Little Lady loves following her cousins around until one of them takes to her. Thankfully, at some point, they both do, and then she’s super happy.  And when she’s ready, she finds a little fun of her own, too.And that other Lovely Lady in the middle, the one in the blue shirt, expressing her wish for world peace, well, she tried not to have fun.  After all, what could a five year old party possible offer her?But, I caught her, having fun, too, jumping like a bean, with a big ‘ol smile on her face! Like I told her, you’re never too old to have fun, or play on inflatables.

Happy Birthday, Girlie!  We loved celebrating with you.

Let’s have a great week.

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