The Fun Begins

Like the phoenix rising, the Sidewinder is back, inspiring excitement and endless possibilities. It’s a chance for paybacks (just look at little lady and her well intentioned aim), as well as a chance to experiment with form.There’s the traditional slide down.The on the belly with your eyes closed slide down…and, the tandem.  These are only a few of the ways to make your way down this inflatable god.  They only get more creative as the summer progresses.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re style is, though, because the results are the same, and if  you don’t want to get wet, you better get out of the way! Unless, of course, that’s your goal, then stay right where you are, boys!Meanwhile……don’t even think about it little lady, and put some clothes on for goodness’ sake, where do you think we are, France?  (That’s me imitating my husband).  She chickened out that day, but it won’t be long before she’s at the top which does not bode well for my frown lines!  We pulled out all the stops this weekend, indulging the boys (and ourselves) in all their favorite things.  We ate outside, hung lights and lit tiki torches, that’s close to heaven for my light loving, outside playing, tiki burning boys.  Though let me tell you something about those lights.  First of all, one strand didn’t do it, notice the straight line configuration, not so pretty.  The whole extension cord thing is an eye sore, too.  We still need to work on that one.  They really need to make umbrella lights that are battery operated, but nevertheless, they’re fun, and courtesy of  Wegmans, $5.99!  Not bad considering Pottery Barn wanted, I think $30, for theirs.  But anyway, we spruced up our water with some oranges (which did not make first son happy at all) and ate sausage and broccoli rabe over pasta, delicious and easy, and I’m not even a huge broccoli rabe fan.  And when I say we, I mean just me and the hubby, so much for not being a short order cook. By the way, green plastic tray and plastic BPA free drinking glasses, Wegmans too!  I swear, Wegmans should be paying me for all my endorsements, though I suppose I would need more than five people to read my blog for it to be effective!

For dessert, s’mores, not over the open flame, but just as good from the oven.  I have to tell you, though, that this was a last minute decision and it was a small miracle that I could even make these.  Second son and little lady have been surreptitiously raiding my chocolate supply any time they get the chance, so when I went in to get the chocolate there was scant pieces left, which meant one for each us.  It didn’t stop second son from asking for seconds, the nerve of that kid!We topped off the night with a little old school musical which I also picked up at Wegmans, for only $4.99 (ok, I’ll stop now), Annie.  They loved it (well almost all of them).  First son thought the girl fights were really cool, typical male, and thought the end was really exciting.  Little lady was mesmerized by the singing and dancing, and second son did everything he could to distract everyone from watching the movie. He didn’t love it so much. Though he did comment that he wished he had someone to make his bed for him. Excuse me?  Like he ever makes his own bed!  To quote my niece, whatev’s!

Enjoy your day!

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